Batman’s Big Decision About Catwoman

The latest issue of Batman takes things in a different direction. Batman has had his hands full recently, as usual, dealing with Bane and trying to help Gotham Girl get cured of her madness. Despite the action being toned down, the issue takes a serious and hard look into Batman’s life. Readers may wonder why Batman does what he does. The Dark Knight even answers that question with a “I’m Batman” type answer. His conversation with Gotham Girl inspires him to track down Catwoman.

You may have already heard what happens. DC released a preview before the issue hit the newstands. If you’ve managed to avoid the spoilers, be aware, there will be spoilers below.

It’s a pretty bold move on Batman and DC’s part. After the launch of the New 52, some readers complained over the many marriages that were dissolved in the new continuity. With the new status quo in the Superman titles, we currently have a married Superman. Could it be possible we’ll also see a married Batman?

Selina hasn’t said yes just yet. Tragedy often comes knocking on Batman’s door. Check out Batman #24 by Tom King, David Finch, Danny Miki, Clay Mann, and Jordie Bellaire to see how the full conversation between Batman and Gotham Girl and Batman and Selina went.

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