First Look: The Real Trolls Of Instaglam – Adult Coloring Book

And now for something completely different.

What have you been doing with your time while you’ve been self-quarantined or practicing social distancing? If you’re like me, there’s only so much streaming television you can watch during the day until you decide you need something else to occupy your time.

Coloring and adult coloring books have always been a great option. The problem is, there aren’t too many interesting adult coloring books available. The idea of trying to color some random meadow or bouquet of flowers isn’t really what I’m looking for. Leave it to Brian Buccellato to come up with an alternative subject matter for a coloring book that is currently available through Amazon.

In case you’re not familiar with Brian, he is the co-writer (with Francis Manapul) on the epic run of The Flash during DC Comics’ New 52 relaunch in 2011. While Francis provided the art, Brian handled the colors. It’s fitting he decided to release an actual coloring book.

Brian’s writing credits don’t just consist of family-friendly superhero stories. He has written some darker materials such as Sons of the Devil and Cannibal.

He’s also a pretty funny guy if you ever listened to the many episodes of my old podcast, The Invincibly Super Massive Comic Book Podcast of Stuff, which he appeared on many, many episodes.

With The Real Trolls of Instaglam, you get a coloring book that is unlike any other you’ve seen. It’s a mixture of the world of trolls and goblins combined with everyone’s love of selfies and social media. All the art is by Brian as well.

Each page has the appearance of a familiar photo-sharing app. There is text and hashtags that give a peek into this other world we’re thankfully not part of.

I haven’t personally sharpened my colored pencils yet, but I soon will. In case you’re curious to see what some colored pages look like, check out these samples by Steve Buccellato, Brian, and Siya Oum.

If you need a new coloring book for yourself or have a troll-lover in your life, head over to Amazon and order yourself a copy today.

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