Agents Of SHIELD Season 5, Episode 5 “Rewind” Recap And Review

What has Fitz been up to lately?

Season 4 ended with a surprise cliffhanger showing Phil Coulson seemingly out in space for some reason. This season has revealed where exactly they are along with how they got there. For some reason, Fitz was not taken with the other agents, and viewers have been left wondering what his role would be in the story arc. Even though the promo images for the season showed Fitz with the others, it was unknown how he could reach them. The latest episode delivers the answers along with another familiar face we haven’t seen lately.

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Warning: There will definitely be spoilers for Season 5, Episode 5 of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, “Rewind,” below.

Fitz And His “Attorney”

Fitz was immediately apprehended by government soldiers after the others were taken from the diner. Still believing Daisy Johnson was the one that shot General Talbot in the head instead of an life model decoy, they demand answers from Fitz. He eventually  convinces them he doesn’t know where they are, and they agree to allow him to try to figure out what happened while locked up in a dark cell. He’s given paper, pen, books, and a TV to watch soccer (and only soccer).

After six months, they’ve had enough. Fitz’s only explanation is, maybe they were abducted by aliens. They’re about to lock Fitz up permanently when his attorney suddenly shows up. It turns out to be former SHIELD agent, Lance Hunter. Fitz was allowed to write angry letters to a soccer magazine in which he somehow managed to sneak in a code to Hunter despite their heavy analysis of each correspondence.

Of course, Hunter has an escape plan. It involves a big explosion in the wall of the room Fitz was being questioned in. As they make their escape in an old RV, the answers start pouring in.

What’s Been Going On The Past Six Months

  • Fitz catches up on the news: Daisy Johnson is labeled an assassin, General Talbot is still in critical condition in a coma, there is a manhunt for the SHIELD top brass (Coulson), and SHIELD has been defunded and dissolved.
  • Hunter says he and Bobbi [Morse] are 100% compatible 50% of the time. They almost got married (but then ninjas showed up). They’ll be together forever–just doing their own thing.
  • They track down the man/alien that was in charge with the agents’ disappearance. His Earth name is named Enoch, and he was sent there 30,000 years ago to observe and record the evolution of humans.
  • The agents were sent to the year 2091. The monolith can only be opened from the other end. Enoch broke his observation parameters in order to fulfill a prophecy from a seer dealing with an “extinction level event.”

Who Is The Seer?


Enoch takes Fitz and Hunter to the person that gave the prophecy. It’s Robin, the child of an Inhuman (in Season 3, Episode 15) who had the powers to predict a person’s death after physical contact. Robin went through Terrigenesis herself and has the ability to see the future. She does so by drawing pictures. Her mother tells Fitz she barely talks anymore, and her brain is scattered in the past, present, and future. Fitz asks Robin how come he isn’t with his friends. She tells him, “Because you have to save them,” and hands him a picture with what appears to be someone who was just killed.

Enoch has an idea how Fitz can save the others. The capsule her arrived in was discovered decades ago and kept in a warehouse. Fitz and Hunter have to break into the facility where Fitz was locked up in. They find the crate with the capsule and also the SHIELD Zephyr One and crates of weapons.

Fitz packs and stores items inside the walls of the secret structure under the lighthouse Enoch took them too. It turns out the capsule is a cryogenic unit. Fitz will have to sleep for 74 years. Enoch will take the capsule into orbit to keep it hidden until it’s time for Fitz to awaken. Hunter says he and Bobbi will watch over Robin and her mother. “Bobbi could use a good cause.” Fitz leaves the postcard next to Robin as she sleeps and enters the capsule. Hunter tells Fitz he loves him just as the unit turns on.

Fitz awakes 74 years later, 365 million miles from the lighthouse. Enoch is there and informs Fitz he has a few days to prepare. He’s going to have to face the most ruthless and brutal mobsters, monsters, and mercenaries in the galaxy. Fitz gives a dark look and says he has what it takes to face them.



This episode was a departure from the current season. It was also a reminder how much Nick Blood is missed as Lance Hunter. He and Iain De Caestecker have a great rapport (both on and off the screen). It’s a shame Hunter couldn’t join Fitz on his rescue mission. It’s also a shame Bobbi couldn’t put in an appearance since Adrianne Palicki is busy on The Orville. Then again, if Bobbi was around, Fitz and Hunter wouldn’t have used an old RV as their getaway car or used a couple of ferrets to cause a distraction at the army base.

Now that we know how Fitz goes to the future, it’s pretty nuts. The idea that life continued for 74 years without the agents is hard to accept. Time travel in fiction often ignores this fact. Hunter (and Bobbi) would have lived out the rest of their lives not knowing if Fitz succeeded in finding the others or if they’ll save the human race. If they’re able to save the future, will they be able to use the monolith to return to the present? Will that simply erase the future timeline and everything they just experienced?

Aside from the humor Nick Blood brought to the episode, De Caestecker gave another powerful performance, as he had to carry most of the screen time. He’s carrying a lot of guilt over his actions in the Framework. He immediately took the blame for Jeffrey Mace’s death. He’s also showing a bit of the darkness “Evil” Fitz had in what he’s willing to do to save Jemma and the others. It’ll be interesting to see how Enoch might have prepared him for the scum of the universe he’ll have to deal with. At least now we know how Mack will get his shotgun axe back since Fitz packed it up along with some other items.

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