Cloak And Dagger Season 2, Episode 9 “Blue Note” Recap And Review

Last week, Tandy and Tyrone managed to make it through an episode without one of them left in a dangerously precarious situation. Tandy did make a tearful discovery at the end, but with Tyrone by her side, the two will remain strong as they prepare to put a stop to Andre and his evil plans.

Warning: There will definitely be spoilers for Season 2, Episode 9 of Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger, “Blue Note,” below.

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92 Months Ago With Andre

Andre was about the give the musical performance of his career. On stage with his band, he was belting out the notes on his trumpet when he suffered a massive migraine–causing him to crumple to the stage floor. Distraught over the idea of not being able to perform his music, he stands in a window overlooking the waterfront, ready to jump and end his life. Suddenly, the Roxxon rig explodes and causes Andre to fall.

Waking up in the hospital, the first person he sees is a nurse. It’s Lia. She tells him he only has a few broken ribs and also that some people outside the building watched him jump. He tells her it’s because he lost the love of his life–his music. Now he just feels empty. She reaches to take his pulse and freezes. Andre is now in the “record store” in the Darkforce Dimension, except pretty much all the record bins are empty. He does find a section labeled “Avandalia Dewan” and puts on a record. He feels immediate relief in the music store and in the hospital room.

Tyrone And The Gang

Tyrone tried making a prayer symbol on the floor to find Andre, but it didn’t work this time. He could be anywhere, and they don’t have time to search every block in the city. Ty gets an idea and heads out.

Ty calls his mom to check on the Connors situation, and then finds the gang member kid who helped Tyrone and his mom. After talking about Luke Cage and being a hero, Tyrone asks him to set up a meeting with the gang leader.

Later, Tyrone uses his powers to remind the gang members what he can do. “Do you know who I am? What I can do?” He tells the leader there are going to be some new rules. If someone wants to buy drugs for their own use, he can’t do anything about that. He draws the line at anyone using drugs to abuse others, like the traffickers. The leader tells him they’re a big portion of his business, but Tyrone says he doesn’t care how much it’s going to cost. It’s not a negotiation. There are bad things going on, but the city is worth fighting for. If they don’t follow his rules, he’ll be fighting them. He also wants the location of one of their buyers.

Inside Lia’s Mind

Tandy convinces Mayhem/Bridgid to take her to a police call. Lia’s body was found, but she’s not dead. They’re about to take her away in an ambulance when Tandy jumps in and says it’d be too traumatic if she came to in the back of one since girls have been abducted and transported in them. They put Lia in the back of Mayhem’s car and bring her to the church.

Tandy tries to get a reading off Lia but only gets static. When Tyrone arrives, she tells him there’s a door inside the darkness of Lia’s mind. Entering together, Tandy comments this must be what it’s like when Andre drains someone completely and takes all their hope away.

They see Andre talking to Lia in a hospital hallway. He’s trying to convince her to quit her job as a nurse and go with him. He says he can take care of her and he needs her. They go past unseen further down through another door. Here, Lia is younger and is playing the cello on a stage with her parents watching. Tandy asks young Lia if she can borrow her music booklet to help a friend.

Stop The Music!

As Tandy and Tyrone pass by Andre and Lia talking in the hall, Tyrone asks Tandy what they’re doing. This time, Andre notices them and asks the same thing. He tells them he wants an audience so he can feed off them and become a god. He’ll do whatever he can to get rid of the pain of the migraines.

Exiting Lia’s mind, Tyrone leaves to get Andre’s location fro the gang leader. Mayhem wants to go with but Tyrone teleports away. She then wants to kill Lia in order to deliver justice for the abducted girls. Tandy and Mayhem fight until Tandy finally gets the upper hand. Mayhem tells her whatever Lia does next is in Tandy’s hands now.

Tyrone catches up with Tandy as she delivers Lia to the hospital. They get the location of where he should be but find a music club. There’s a memorial plaque outside mentioning the original location burned down. They find the original location where Andre is playing the trumpet while a giant prayer symbol starts lighting up. There are several people watching in a hypnotized fashion. Tandy sees Mikayla and tries waking her. Tyrone finds Tandy’s mom.

As the music reaches the crescendo, Tyrone says they won’t reach him and stop him in time. He tells Tandy to throw a light dagger at him and teleports it so it hits Andre. Everyone suddenly disappears. In the Darkforce Dimension, the door in the record store finally opens and Andre is able to enter. Tyrone and Tandy can still hear music playing in the real world.


It’s hard to believe the second season is almost over. It’s been pretty great watching the story unfold. Andre/D’spayre doesn’t seem like he’d be a formidable foe for the entire season, especially because his motives are to simply stop his migraines. Brooklyn McLinn’s performance as Andre is what makes the character work.

What fascinates me most is Tandy and Tyrone discussing the idea of resorting to murder in order to put a stop to Andre. Tandy seems willing to cross the line, but Tyrone insisted, if it comes to it, they’ll do it together. This further illustrates both of them trying to look out for the other. Tandy wants Tyrone to retain his pure goodness she feels he has inside. Tyrone doesn’t want Tandy to have to carry the burden on her own. It’ll be interesting to see what Tyrone says when he finds out his mom killed Connors. He looked in on her from outside her window as she was burning bloody newspapers, but may not fully know what she’s done.

It may not have been a major moment or entirely crucial to the story, but it was great to see mention of Luke Cage. We should have these little reminders or Easter eggs in the various shows to let us know it still exists in the same shared universe, even if they can’t necessarily crossover for, what I assume, are logistical reasons. It almost seems like an odd mention since Luke Cage’s show has been canceled back in October. Maybe the scene was written and possibly filmed before then? Either way, it was a nice and fitting touch. It was a great conversation as Tyrone tries getting the gangbanger to realize he has the potential to be a better person.

With just one last episode, there are a few things that will have to be resolved. Obviously, we would assume that the duo will put a stop to Andre. It is possible his villainy could carry on to the next season, especially if he gains the powers of a god/loa. It’s unclear what Lia’s fate will be and whether or not she’ll be able to come back from her despair coma. We also have to see what Tandy’s mom’s fate is, along with Tyrone’s mom.

We did get a happy ending last season. Let’s hope for another one in the next episode.

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