Agents Of SHIELD Season 6, Episode 3 “Fear And Loathing On The Planet Of Kitson” Recap And Review

Last week we didn’t see very much of our spacefaring agents and their quest to find Fitz. This week definitely makes up for that as we see Fitz and Enoch try to survive a deadly alien casino while the others deal with a deadly bounty hunter.

Warning:There will definitely be spoilers for Season 6, Episode 3 of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, “Fear and Loathing on the Planet of Kitson,” below.

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Fitz And Enoch’s Gambling Adventure

In Kitson City on the planet of Kitson, Fitz, Enoch, and the crew unload the space snails delicacy to sell. Two of the crew members inform Fitz they’ll be taking the snails as well as the ship. They tell Fitz he has no ground to argue because it turns out he’s a wanted man. One of the guys does give Fitz a gambling chip and tells him he can try his luck in the big casino nearby. Enoch feels one chip might be all they need to buy a way off the planet.

Despite robots, mechs, droids, etc not being allowed in the casino, Enoch is able to enter because he is none of those. As a Chronicom, he can fool any scanner. Eventually he chooses a game and starts winning big. Unfortunately he loses it all upon believing the guy gambling next to him after a bluff. Enoch finds a higher staked game and uses Fitz as collateral. If Fitz loses, he’ll be sold into slavery.

Something happens to Enoch and he seems to shut down. Suddenly a piercing alarm goes off. It seems Enoch has been detected and the casino owner is going to have some harsh words with Fitz. What happened to Enoch is he was remotely overridden for operating outside of his proper parameters. Other Chronicoms are headed their way. These ones are hunters.

Daisy And Simmons’ Trippy Rescue Attempt

Tension is high in the SHIELD ship after Simmons made the decision to change the coordinates to arrive in deep space. The “discussion” between Daisy and Simmons is interrupted when they get a message about needed to be inspected as they approach a planet. During the inspection, Simmons mentions they’re looking for a man named Leopold Fitz.

This turns out to be a bad idea because a bounty hunter is also looking for him. The hunter shoots and knocks out Daisy and Piper, but Davis manages to knock out the hunter from behind. They cuff the hunter, and he tells them Fitz is wanted for tampering with the universe. He died on Earth over a year ago, but is still around.

Daisy, Simmons, and Davis head out and manage to find the crew members that betrayed Fitz. Daisy uses her Quake powers to convince them to answer their questions. Before they head out to the casino, Davis helps himself to some treats one of the guys has. Enoch warned Fitz earlier that they were not for terran consumption, and they cause Daisy, Simmons, and Davis to trip out.

After a hilarious and drugged-out walk through the casino and intriguing conversation, Jemma and Daisy soon find themselves fighting the newly arrived hunters.

Super Short Reunion

Fitz uses the blood of a dead alien in the room their locked up in because it’s 75% sulfur. He has to convinced the decommissioned and depressed Enoch to help him out and create a spark.

Fitz’s plan manages to blow out the locked door, and Simmons is on the other side at that exact moment. Fitz says she’s not supposed to be there (because she’s supposed to still be in the future). Before they can say anything, the bounty hunter teleports in, grabs Fitz, and teleports out.


This was not your typical episode of Agents of SHIELD. One thing the show continues to do each season is take big risks. We’ve been seeing the show trek into different settings with each new story arc (magic with Ghost Rider, the Framework with the LMDs, space and time travel last season, etc). With the majority of the episode taking place on an alien planet, it’s clear this show has come a long way from the first season.

Seeing Daisy and Simmons (and Davis) tripping out was definitely unexpected. While it felt a little out of character for the show, it did allow for a very big change of pace. We’ve seen the occasional bits of humor throughout the seasons, and it was great to see Chloe Bennet and Elizabeth Henstridge act more goofy while still moving the story forward.

The reunion between Fitz and Simmons was a little unexpected. It felt kind of sudden. Then again, the show is running on an abbreviated season. Plus, the reunion was very short lived. Where this takes them next will be interesting.

There was a tiny bit with Sarge/Coulson at the end of the episode. It looks like they’re planning on mining Earth for something. This could be what caused the planet in the video (last episode) to get destroyed. SHIELD will have to deal with him ASAP!

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