Twin Peaks Season 3 Episode 11 Review–What’s Going On?

“There’s a fire where you are going.”

This week, Twin Peaks delivered some more answers. As the series (unfortunately) get closer to the final episode of the season, the different story arcs are starting to come together. David Lynch and Mark Frost’s vision is amazing to watch as it unfolds. Of course, there are still moments that leave you scratching your head, wondering what’s happening.

There will be spoilers for Twin Peaks Season 3, Episode 11.


A Survivor In The Woods

Sarah Jean Long in a still from Twin Peaks. Photo: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME

Last episode, Richard Horne went to Miriam’s trailer because she witnessed him run over and kill a small child. He brutally beat her and turned on the gas in the oven so her trailer would explode. It turns out, she survived. Miriam may not be in the best condition, but she clearly has the strength and determination to survive. Richard told his grandmother he was leaving town. Will he make his escape before Miriam can reveal what he’s done?

A Family Reunion


Shelly’s daughter, Becky, is a mess. We saw her husband being verbally abusing and physically threatening. After getting an upsetting phone call about her husband, Steven, she calls her mom, asking to borrow her car. With a gun in her hand from under the sofa, she takes Shelly’s car, leaving her mom behind. After trying to get advice from Norma, Shelly talks to Bobby. It’s revealed that Shelly’s last name is now Briggs.

Becky arrives at someone’s apartment and pounds on the door. A neighbor tells her “they” just left. Outraged, Becky fires upon the door several times. Down the hall in a stairwell, Steven and another women hide out.

Bobby, Shelly, and Becky meet at the Double R. Becky’s not sure if she wants a divorce. Bobby tells her she needs to pay for the door, but she says she doesn’t have money. She won’t take any more money from her mom so Bobby offers to loan her some. She’s still trying to defend Steven despite everything. When Bobby asks if he ever hit her, she firmly denies it.

A Visit To Where Hasting Met Major Briggs

Still from Twin Peaks. Photo: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME

Gordon, Albert, Tammy, and Diane along with Hastings and a local detective head over to the place Hastings said he met with Major Briggs. A Woodsman is seen flickering in and out of existence. When Gordon arrives on the exact spot Hastings stood, electricity can be heard crackling and everything goes out of focus. The sky starts swirling with a building intensity. Gordon gets a vision of three Woodsmen on a stairway. Gordon starts to fade out of existence, but Albert grabs him and everything returns to normal for Gordon.

Albert sees a body nearby. Walking up to it, they see it’s naked and headless–Ruth Davenport. Coordinates are written on her arm. Hastings is still in the back of the detective’s car, and Diane notices a flickering Woodsman approaching the vehicle. There’s a sudden crunch and Hasting’s head is somehow smashed in.

Sheriff Truman And Hawk

Still from Twin Peaks. Photo: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME

Truman and Hawk look over the area they need to go based on Major Briggs’ message. Hawk brings out an map that is “very old but always current.” He points to the Blue Pine Mountain where Briggs’ station was. There’s a symbol for fire which Hawks says represents modern-day electricity. The stars on the map align with the date Briggs gave (the day after tomorrow). The symbol on the piece of paper in Briggs’ message tube and on the playing card Evil Coop had is also on the map. When Truman asks about it, Hawk tells him he doesn’t ever want to know about that.

The Log Lady calls. She knows Hawk found something. She asks what it is, but he can’t help her. She says her log is afraid of fire and that there’s fire where they’re going.

Dougie/Cooper Meets With The Mitchums


Dougie’s boss tells Cooper he’s to meet with the Mitchums. Since he discovered the case wasn’t arson, they’re entitled to the 30 million claim. The problem is, the Mitchums believe Dougie made them lose the money and want to kill him. Somebody else was trying to pull the strings on the claim. Before the car arrives to pick up Cooper, he sees a vision of the One-Armed Man and heads over to make a purchase. Meanwhile, Bradley Mitchum tells his brother, Rodney, he had a dream about killing Dougie.

Cooper is taken out to the desert. Still carrying the box with his purchase, Bradley recalls more about his dream. He recalls that Rodney’s cut on his face was healed, which it somehow is. He then remembers Dougie also had a box in his dream. If it has the one specific thing, it means Dougie is not their enemy and they can’t kill him. Dream and reality meet as Cooper has a cherry pie in the box. They also find the 30 million dollar check in his pocket. It’s time to celebrate!

Other Things We Found Out


  • The address where Hasting saw Briggs was 2240 Sycamore. Sycamore trees surround the entrance to the Lodge.
  • Shelly and Red are an item. Bobby and Shelly are apparently divorced or separated.
  • Bradley Mitchum either has psychic premonitions or other forces are looking out for Cooper.
  • The old lady at the slot machines “Mr. Jackpot” helped has turned her life around.
  • Candy is still acting strange and distant.


New Questions This Week

  • What was going on with the sick girl in the car after the shooting by the Double R?
  • Why did the kid that shot the gun have such an attitude?
  • What’s the significance of Gordon’s hand shaking? This also happened to Cooper and Pete Martell at the end of Season 2. Is Gordon headed to the Black Lodge?
  • What’s in the “small town to the north” at the coordinates on Ruth’s arm?
  • What’s Diane up to? It was revealed last time she responded to Evil Coop’s text. She also seemed to recognize the coordinates.

With “fire” in the title, the show is definitely heating up. Cooper still doesn’t have his full faculties back, but hopefully next episode will deal with Truman, Hawk, and Bobby going on their journey based on Briggs’ message. When will we get answers to Episode 8‘s developments?

It was great to find out that Shelly and Bobby did end up getting married. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like things have gone too well between them. Becky is their daughter, but Shelly is continuing her streak of choosing the wrong men to have in her life. Red was seen dealing with drugs when he met with Richard. Perhaps there’s still hope for Shelly and Bobby to sort things out as it’s clear Bobby still cares for her.

Gordon needs to do something about the place where Briggs was seen. He took the experience in stride despite almost getting sucked into a different dimension.

There was no sign of Evil Coop this time around. We still don’t know what Diane’s connection is to him. What will happen if and when Cooper and Evil Coop meet up? Each week I think I can’t become any more eager for the next episode, but Lynch and Frost continue to keep us on the edge of our seats. There’s so many questions we need answers to. It’s a great time to be a Twin Peaks fan.

Let me know your thoughts. You can find write-ups on the past episodes here.

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