Twin Peaks Season 3 Episode 13 Review–What’s Going On?

“What story is that, Charlie?”

This week’s episode of Twin Peaks had some suspenseful moments and more revelations about the mysteries surrounding the characters. Last week we found out how Director Cole’s Blue Rose cases started and saw the long-awaited return of a certain character. This week, the evil Mr. C. makes another move in his big plan.

There will be spoilers for Twin Peaks Season 3, Episode 13.


The Mitchum Brothers Celebrate


The Mitchum Brothers are still celebrating over their big payout from the insurance company. They bring Dougie/Cooper and gifts to the insurance office. Anthony Sinclair reports to Duncan Todd that the Mitchums no longer want to kill Dougie. Todd tells Anthony it’s now up to him to kill Dougie.

Along with giving gifts to Bushnell, a jungle gym and a brand new car are delivered to Dougie’s house. Janey-E is very happy.

Mr. C. Goes Over The Top


In Western Montana, Evil Cooper arrives at a warehouse. Ray sees him on the security monitor and is concerned because he was sure he killed him. Ray is with a guy named Renzo and his crew. Renzo tells Mr. C. he can either leave or arm wrestle him. If he loses, he dies. When Mr. C. asks what he gets if he wins, they laugh and say he’ll become their boss. Mr. C. doesn’t want to be their boss. He just wants Ray. When the wrestling match begins, Mr. C. toys with the guy. He finally beats him and smashes in his face.

The rest of the men hand Ray over to their new boss. Mr. C. asks Ray who hired him to kill him. Ray tells him it came through a man named Phillip Jeffries, but he never met him or talked to him in person. Apparently, Mr. C. has something inside they want. Mr. C. then asks if Jeffries ever mention Major Briggs? No, but Jeffries told him he was supposed to put a ring on him after he killed him. It’s the Black Lodge ring. It was given to him before he walked out of his jail cell by someone dressed as a guard. Mr. C. makes Ray put on the ring and asks for the coordinates. Ray gives him a piece of paper as Richard Horne shows up in the other room. Mr. C. asks where Jeffries is. As soon as Ray tell him, Evil Cooper shoots him. The ring disappears and returns to the Black Lodge.

Don’t Drink That Coffee!


Janey-E drops off Cooper at the office. Anthony is waiting for him and offers to buy him coffee. Anthony obtained some poison the day before to carry out Duncan Todd’s orders. Cooper is distracted by a piece of cherry pie and leaves his cup unguarded. Anthony adds the poison to his coffee but can’t go through with it. He takes the poisoned coffee away, and Cooper simply drinks Anthony’s.

Later, Anthony confesses to Bushnell about the attempted poison and how he’s been cheating the company. Bushnell knew about Anthony’s actions after Cooper looked over his files. Bushnell will overlook everything as long as he testifies against Duncan Todd.

Something’s Up With Audrey


Audrey still wants to know what Tina told Charlie. Suddenly, Audrey’s not feeling right. She says she feels like she’s somewhere else. She says she’s not sure who she is, but she’s not herself. Charlie tells she’s supposed to go to the Roadhouse to look for Billy. She asks if it’s far. Something’s wrong with her. She’s not sure if she wants to go and starts crying.

James Sings That One Song Again

James Marshall in a still from Twin Peaks. Photo: Courtesy of SHOWTIME

During the second season, James Hurley sang a song with Donna and Maddy. His singing voice was surprising. James takes the stage as this week’s performer at the Roadhouse and sings that song again. Apparently it’s the only one he knows. A woman named Renee, seen earlier this season, watches and is moved by the song.

Pierce Gagnon in a still from Twin Peaks. Photo: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME

Other Things We Found Out

  • Las Vegas police department get the prints they took on Douglas Jones. He’s reported as escaping from a Federal Penitentiary two days ago and is also listed as a missing FBI agent. They don’t buy it and throw the report away.
  • Hatch and Chantal are still driving after killing the warden. They’re going through Utah now.
  • Bobby shows up at the Double R Diner and hopes Shelly was there.
  • Norma has franchised the diner as Norma’s Double R Diner. A business guy named Walter talks to her about how the Twin Peaks diner isn’t doing as well as the other ones.
  • At Nadine’s drape runner store, Jacoby drives by and stops when he sees the golden shovel in her window.
  • Sarah Palmer is watching TV and drinking. She’s watching boxing, but the match keeps skipping and repeating. She doesn’t seem to mind.
  • Big Ed and Norma apparently are not a couple.

Eamon Farren in a still from Twin Peaks. Photo: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME

New Questions This Week

  • Where is The Dutchmen’s, the place where Phillip Jeffries supposedly is? Will Mr. C find him in the next couple episodes?
  • Why was Richard intrigued when he saw Mr. C.? Could it be that Mr. C. is his father?
  • How many Black Lodge rings are there?
  • Why is Audrey so out of sorts? Will we find out what the “contract” between her and Charlie is about? Does it have anything to do with why they’re married?
  • What the heck is going on at the Palmer house?
  • How come Big Ed and Norma are not together?
  • Is there something special in the cherry pie ingredients from Twin Peaks that makes them taste better, or is it the love Norma puts into them?
  • Will we ever find out how James is able to sing like that? What is Renee’s story?

This was a great episode in showing more of what Mr. C. is capable of. The arm wrestling match was intense as it seemed like he was going to snap Renzo’s arm. Hopefully we’ll see an exchange between Mr. C. and Richard. The theory is Mr. C. got Audrey pregnant while she was in a coma after the explosion in the bank (at the end of Season 2). Perhaps Richard feels drawn to him since they both have pure evil inside them.

It’s good that we’re finally getting caught up on the rest of the citizens of Twin Peaks. Unfortunately it seems the couples from Season 2 are no longer together. Bobby still cares for Shelly, but she’s in some sort of relationship with Red. Big Ed and Norma appeared to be happy together at the diner, but she might be involved with that Walter guy. Ben Horne and Sylvia are also separated. The only ones still together are Andy and Lucy, but they’re acting a little strangely.

Cooper appears to be doing a little better. We’re still waiting for the full return of Agent Cooper. We still need Cooper to end up at the coordinates in Twin Peaks. I’m assuming the coordinates on Ruth’s arm is the same place Bobby, Hawk, and Sheriff Truman are headed to. The big confrontation will likely happen in the final episode. It’s something to look forward to, but sadly it will mean the end of the season.



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