Marvel Teases New Guardians Of The Galaxy Member

The Guardians of the Galaxy is getting a new member soon.

In All-New Guardians of the Galaxy, Gerry Duggan has been keeping the team busy. They’ve been forced to do the bidding of the Grandmaster and have butted heads with the Collector. Drax has also been dealing with some issues, and Groot has had his share of problems as well.

With Marvel Legacy hitting all the Marvel titles, the Guardians will continue to have their hands full in their next arc–The Infinity Quest. In order to get through it, they’ll be forced to team-up with the Nova Corps, despite the misunderstandings they’ve had with them recently. They’ll also be getting a new teammate to help them with their problems. The character is an ex-Avenger, and Marvel is teasing who will be joining their ranks.


Guardians editor, Jordan D. White made the following statment, “We’re excited to have an Avenger joining the ranks of the Guardians…or is it the Nova Corps? Or both? Oh, you’ll see. Just know, he beat out some stiff competition, as you can tell by that cover of issue #12!”

Man-Thing, Doctor Strange, Deadpool, or Cable?

It’s an odd group of contenders for the Guardians of the Galaxy. Some make more sense than others and would definitely be useful to the team. Since Marvel phrased the character as, “one of Marvel’s best-loved heroes,” seems like it would be Deadpool. After all, Gerry Duggan has written a few books with the character. Although, if you look very carefully at Man-Thing’s left shoulder, it looks like Ant-Man is there. Is Deadpool just a big red herring?

All-New Guardians of the Galaxy #12 is written by Gerry Duggan with art and cover by Rod Reis. It’s on sale October 18 with an FOC date of September 25.

Who do you think will be joining the Guardians?

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