The Future of Thor Revealed In MIGHTY THOR #700

Whether you think of him as Thor or Odinson, there’s some changes headed for the God of Thunder. If you read last week’s Thor #700, you got a taste of what’s to come. Marvel has since officially released the two-page spread that shows the changes and story elements we can expect to see.


Loki has been seen on the search for the Infinity Stones in Marvel Legacy #1 and All-New Guardians of the Galaxy #12. Looks like he will locate them all and re-form the Infinity Gauntlet.

Editor Wil Moss also commented on the Death of Mighty Thor story and the two-page spread. Minor spoilers for The Mighty Thor #700:

The Death Of The Mighty Thor story has only just begun, but two THOR characters are already dead! In THE MIGHTY THOR #700, the monstrous Mangog kills Thor’s goat Toothgnasher and Malekith’s dark army kills Karnilla, Queen of the Norns. Before she dies, though, Karnilla sees where the threads of fate are leading, and thanks to a gorgeous double-page spread by writer Jason Aaron, artist Russell Dauterman, and color artist Matthew Wilson, readers get to see what’s coming too.”

The “Death” of Thor? We know Jane Foster is struggling for her life while also taking the responsibilities of Thor. Let’s hope this doesn’t mean the end for her character.

We can also see Thor/Odinson is getting a new golden hammer and arm. Will he be reclaiming his name and mantle of Thor? Take a look at Dauterman’s redesign:


It appears Marvel may be dropping the “Mighty” from the series with Thor #701. The issue is written by Jason Aaron with art by James Harren and Dave Stewart. The FOC date is 10/23/17, and it’s on sale11/15/17.

What do you think of Thor’s new look and what’s coming up?

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3 Replies to “The Future of Thor Revealed In MIGHTY THOR #700”

    1. Seems like Marvel is trying to figure out what to do with him. He was dead, then came back and did a little in Secret Empire. It’ll be interesting to see what his interactions with Thor are.

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