The Flash Season 4, Episode 3 “Luck Be A Lady” Recap And Review

Last week, Team Flash encountered a new metahuman who didn’t gain his abilities from when the particle accelerator exploded. This has opened the door for more new threats in Central City. This week’s episode debuts another new meta with powers that don’t seem too dangerous…at first.

The Flash will have his hands full when his luck starts to turn, and the team will need help saving the city. While this is happening, the group’s dynamics will also be changing.

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There will be some spoilers for The Flash Season 4, Episode 3: “Luck Be A Lady,” below.

Hazard And Where The New Metas Are Coming From


Becky Sharpe lived a miserable life and believed she was jinxed. The mysterious Thinker was observing her as she was given milk in her coffee after stating she was lactose intolerant, caught her boyfriend cheating on her, lost her job, and got a tire boot locked on her car. She did manage to catch a bus (which Ramsey Deacon, aka Kilg%re, was also on) when a bright light enveloped everyone on board.

It turns out the light that hit the bus was caused by the Flash. When Team Flash pulled Barry out of the Speed Force, a small amount of Dark Matter emerged as well. This is what gave Kilg%re, Becky, and ten others on the bus, metahuman abilities.

Becky’s power allows her to manipulate luck in her favor. As this happens, there is a tradeoff and those in a close proximity receive “bad luck.” It was pretty harmless at first but started building to dangerous levels. Those around her were starting to have bad things happen, and it lead to the particle accelerator primed to explode again. Cisco naturally comes up with the codename “Hazard” for her.

What’s Going On With Earth-2 Harrison Wells?


Harrison Wells arrived when Wally was expecting to have a date night with Jesse. Harry had a “break-up cube” with a message for him. He stuck around a bit when the new meta surfaced. When the others theorized the new meta had luck power, he mentioned there wasn’t any such thing as “luck.” Instead, it could be explained as particles that might steer things in a certain sequence, and Becky was somehow manipulating them.

Harry eventually reveals to Cisco that things aren’t going too well for him on Earth-2. He assembled a team to help Jesse in her crimefighting career. Because of his controlling nature, they all voted him off the team. He didn’t have anywhere else to go. Cisco says he may not have a life on Earth-2, but he could have one with them if he stays.

Harry later makes the observation that everything with Barry’s return and the new metas seems connected. The samurai robot (in Episode 401) arrived in Central City and caused them to open the Speed Force to retrieve Barry. Opening up the Speed Force caused new metas to be created. The question is who is behind all this?

Wally’s Decision


During the entire fight with Hazard, no one seemed to notice Wally was missing. After hearing that Jesse wanted to break up with him to focus on herself, he decided he needs to do the same thing. He has a friend in Blue Valley and plans on going there.

He tells the others he’ll stay in touch. Since he’s a speedster, he’s just a phone call away.

Changes In Joe West’s Future


The West house went through some tough times this week. Joe’s girlfriend, Cecile, suggested they sell the place since repairs would be costly and it would be just the two of them living there. Joe mentioned all the memories of Iris and Barry growing up there but is convinced by Barry that he’ll always have the memories with him where ever he lives.

When Joe finally tells Cecile he’s ready to sell the house, she tells him she’s looking at the house in a new light. She liked the idea of the memories of raising children in the house because…she’s pregnant.

The Thinker Is A Creeper


The Thinker somehow has the ability to observe the private lives of others. He paid close attention to Becky Sharpe and felt her new powers could make her the most powerful of the bunch. When the Mechanic (his assistant) suggested they take her then, he says he wants to observe the emergence of her abilities further.

It’s still unclear what his intentions are with the metahumans. He’s determined to find the others on the bus who also gained abilities. He is also watching and listening in on STAR Labs through the robot samurai head they’ve carelessly decided to keep right in the hub of their headquarters.



Season 4 continues to deliver humor along with action and character development. It felt like the humor was being pushed a little too much at times, but who can argue with the idea of seeing Flash slip on a bunch of marbles or watching the bickering between Harry and Cisco?

Hazard may have the potential to be a powerful and dangerous threat, but Becky Sharpe wasn’t quite focused on a long term plan. It was a nice change of pace to have a villain who had simple motives and wasn’t trying to destroy the world or seek revenge. What was most interesting was the decision to show how she and the other new metas gained their abilities rather than string viewers along for a few more weeks.

It’s unfortunate that Wally has decided to leave. Perhaps it will just be for a short period. Will he be back when Barry and Iris get married? The plus is having Tom Cavanagh back as Earth-2 Harrison Wells. This episode has reminded us how brilliant his mind is. If we get more bickering between him and Cisco, all the better. Also, if the particle accelerator went off again, did this also create more metas?

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Next episode features Ralph Dibny!

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