Agents Of SHIELD Season 5, Episode 4 “A Life Earned” Recap And Review

The team is still split in their new setting. Coulson, May, Mack, and Yo-Yo don’t know where Daisy and Simmons are. Little do they know both have been taken by Kasius, the Kree in charge of the colony. The mysterious transmission from the surface adds to their mission goals. None of this may matter when Kasius’ true intentions are revealed.

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Warning: There will definitely be spoilers for Season 5, Episode 4 of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, “A Life Earned,” below.

What Is Kasius Up To?


After Daisy was betrayed by Deke, she’s questioned by Kasius and the Kree. He takes some blood from her and talks about the stories of SHIELD coming to save the day. She claims she’s the only one there. She’s briefly taken to the arena area where she meets another Inhuman with the ability to read his opponents minds. Kasius wants Daisy to show off her abilities in front of Lady Basha. When Basha shows great interest in Quake: The Destroyer of Worlds, Kasius refuses after he was insulted by her in the previous episode. He hopes word will get to the other guests arriving for an auction. If he can sell Daisy for a high price, he could have the means to leave the place.

Kasius questions her again with the other Inhuman present. Simmons is there as well. Daisy tells a story of the two of them going to the diner after their mission in the Framework when they were taken and brought there. Kasius makes sure to stand in between them so Simmons can’t get any signals from Daisy. When it’s Simmons turn to tell the story, she practically says the same thing, word for word. It turns out the Inhuman also has the ability to communicate telepathically, unbeknownst to Kasius. Being close to Kasius, he was able to read his mind as well. He saw Kasius wants to leave and destroy the place. The Inhuman decided to help them in order to protect his family and everyone else.

Can Deke Be Trusted?

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Coulson and May talks to Deke about gaining access to the restricted Level 35. It turns out to be a Kree lab of some sort. They discover the Kree are using human and Inhuman DNA to create babies. The humans have long become infertile, most likely due to something in the food the Kree provide. May finds a file on Daisy’s blood and DNA from her capture the previous day. This means Deke lied to them about seeing Daisy that morning. Before they can let him have it, Kree enter and a fight ensues.

Deke gets stabbed, and May tells Coulson to get him to safety so they can question him. She’ll take care of the Kree. It turns out to be Sinara and her deadly floating spheres. May puts up a good fight, but Sinara takes advantage of the fact May’s leg is injured.

After Deke is patched up, Coulson punches him for making a profit on Daisy. Deke tells him he doesn’t know what he’s about. His mom was one of the elder and killed when he was nine. His dad then took over and was sent to the “roaches” on the surface. Deke was surprised to hear his father’s voice on the transmission.

The Surprise Guest At The Auction


When Kasius’ guest arrive, he has Daisy brought out in chains. A helmeted man steps forward and tells Kasius to forget the exhibition. Since she’s the Destroyer of Worlds, she should fight to the death. When he removes his helmet, it turns out to be Fitz!



This was a more subdued episode, but we do get some new developments. The idea that we’ll be seeing Daisy forced to fight in the arena is definitely going to happen. After May’s fight with Sinara, it could be likely Kasius will force them to fight each other, especially when he finds out Daisy and Jemma lied about being the only two SHIELD agents to arrive.

The revelation that Deke’s father is the voice on the transmission is interesting. If he’s telling the truth, it could be an interesting reunion. Although, there would be the question of why he never tried to check in on his son. Unless he had Virgil keep tabs on Deke.

Mack’s mission to “rough up” the guy that owed Grill money felt a little unnecessary, but it did allow the opportunity for Mack to confess his feelings about losing Hope in the Framework.

The big shocker is Fitz’s presence. It was clear he would show up eventually. How he got there and why he’s trying to get Daisy to “fight to the death,” is the big question of the episode. Next week we’ll likely find out what Fitz did after the others were taken. Hunter (Nick Blood) will be appearing. How he could possibly help Fitz remains to be seen.

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