Agents Of SHIELD Season 5, Episode 7 “Together Or Not At All” Recap And Review

Just when it starts to look like things are beginning to work out for the agents, several new obstacles get thrown in their way. Now that everyone is in relatively the same proximity, the dangers are getting more and more severe. You can’t help but wonder what the title of this week’s episode might entail for everyone.

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Warning: There will definitely be spoilers for Season 5, Episode 7 of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, “Together Or Not At All,” below.

Daisy, Fitz, And Simmons Escape

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As the three make their escape from Kasius’ arena of death, Daisy nurses a head wound and sore shoulder from her fight against Sinara. Simmons’ implant is still active, and Fitz has to remove it from her head while Daisy fights off a Kree that stumbles across them. (She still has her power inhibitor in place). They are soon discovered by Manston, the Kree warrior following Kasius’ brother’s orders, and Fitz gets shot. Fortunately, it’s not a fatal shot.

They manage to get away from Manston and run into Deke. He escaped his room after Coulson and Mack welded him inside. Daisy is still angry at him for selling her out to Kasius, but Deke insists it was to help her find her friends and to keep her from doing something that would get others killed. With no other choice, they follow Deke and meet up with the others.

Flint Makes A Decision

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Flint, the new Inhuman, is upset when he finds out Tess was killed because of him. Mack tries talking to him. He tells him he won’t talk down to him, but he’s there if he needs him. Flint later slips away when the agents reunite. He’s done letting others get hurt and wants to use his powers to help others. He acts as if he’s going to surrender to the Kree guards looking for him. When he’s searched, they only find some small rocks in his pockets. Flint uses his powers to form them into a sharp stone, which he thrusts into the eye of a guard, killing him instantly.

As the other guard stares in shock, Flint is knocked out from behind. Sinara has arrived and decides to use Flint as bait to lure out Daisy and the others.

Kasius Lives

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It turns out Simmons only cut Kasius on the cheek. (I mistakenly thought she slashed his throat). His brother, Faulnak, continues to berate him for his actions and being a failure. This is when he decided to send his warrior after the agents.

When Sinara captured Flint, Daisy acted as if she was going to turn herself in while Coulson and Mack provided backup. They escape with Flint and Sinara gets shot in the shoulder by Coulson. Hiding out in Grill’s work area, Flint uses his powers to shift giant boulders in front of the doors. Manston uses a powerful rifle and starts shooting holes in the wall. The agents plan to escape to the trawler in order to get to the surface. Manston makes enough smaller holes in order to create a larger entrance. As he steps through, he is killed from behind. Sinara used her orbs to kill him.

Sinara reports to Kasius and Faulnak the SHIELD agents escaped. She also confesses she killed Manston. Faulnak is impressed and offers her a place by his side as his warrior. Kasius has had enough and stabs his brother in the back. He’s finished seeking the approval of his brother and father. Finishing Faulnak off, Kasius tells Sinara they will take the Destroyer of Worlds to his father.

On The Surface

May is barely managing to survive against the “roaches” on the surface. Enoch soon finds her, and May recognizes his voice from the diner when they were taken. He tells her he’s there to assist them. He then senses a gravity storm approaching, and the roaches flee. They soon find themselves taken by someone.

May wakes up in a room, and Enoch welcomes her back. It appears they’re in a SHIELD base. They were grabbed and saved from the storm. May wants to know who’s in charge as some people enter the room. A voice says, “I’ve waited such a long time to see you again.” It’s an old woman holding the carved bird. Robin, the Inhuman with visions, is still alive.


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What’s with the title? Flint refusing to escape to the surface with the others made Mack (and Yo-Yo) decide to stay with him. Will they be reunited again, or will they stay in the future with Flint?

I’m not sure how I missed the fact that Simmons didn’t kill Kasius last week. Perhaps it was wishful thinking. The benefit of his survival means a continued enemy for the season. His decision to kill his brother was a big move for him. He admitted he wasn’t one for action in the field. This might have toughened him up a little.

Now that some survivors on the surface have been shown, we’ll be introduced to more new characters. Who knows who will live or die. If Robin is responsible for working the obelisk from this end, that means they should have a way to return to the past. Of course, the big question is what are they supposed to do here? They’re meant to save humanity. Do they have to do something in the future or take the knowledge to change something in the past?

Looks like their adventures on the surface should add more fuel to keep the story going in the season. And it was a nice touch to see the mention of Gravitonium.

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