6 Reasons To Read Old Man Hawkeye #1

First there was an Old Man Logan story arc showing Wolverine and what was left of the Marvel Universe fifty years in the future. That led to an Old Man Logan/Secret Wars miniseries. This was followed by the aged Logan finding himself in the present day Marvel Universe.

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Clint Barton played a big role in the original story. The announcement of a limited series focusing on the older version of Hawkeye was a little unexpected. Ethan Sacks and Marco Checchetto show, with the first issue, this is a series that is definitely worth picking up. The twelve-issue series, set five years before Old Man Logan, will flesh out the character and further expand on the “world.” With the great writing and artwork, it’s not surprising the debut issue has sold out (with a second printing set for February 21).

Here are 6 reasons you should pick up this series. Note: There will be minor spoilers below.

There’s A Friggin’ Madrox Gang

1 MadroxGang

The world is pretty crummy place in this bleak futuristic timeline since the villains have taken over after most of the heroes were killed. Hawkeye is providing protection for payment as special deliveries are made across the country. Unfortunately, their journey is interrupted as the Madrox Gang shows up, demanding the shipment of Mutant Growth Hormone.

Jamie Madrox is a mutant with the ability to make duplicates of himself. His dupes seem to have moved away from their “progenitor” for shady purposes, but what really makes them awesome is their crazy mustaches. Who could say no these guys?

Hawkeye Shoots A Lot Of Arrows

2 Thok

Hawkeye has always been portrayed as one of the greatest marksmen in the Marvel Universe. He’s used his skills to carefully fire off arrows so he doesn’t (usually) kill anyone. With the ruthless nature of this world, there’s no holding back. Surrounded by armed Madrox dupes who aren’t showing any mercy, Clint shoots a lot of arrows with deadly precision–emphasis on deadly. The big question is: Will he have enough arrows to take out all the dupes?

Hawkeye’s Vision Is Deteriorating

3 Eyes

If you’ve read Old Man Logan, you know Hawkeye loses his eyesight. This is pretty bad for a person who relies on their vision to do the one thing they’re really good at. Since this is five years before the original story, we’re seeing the early stages when Clint started losing the ability to see.

Too often, heroes are seen as untouchable. They rarely suffer longterm illness or injuries. Because this is taken place in the future, we can see a familiar hero deal with the struggle of old age. We know he’s not going to simply sit back and give up on his activities. Getting to see how he comes to terms with everything and picks up new skills to compensate for his impending blindness will be fascinating.

Hawkeye’s Family Appears

4 Family

One surprise in the original story was the revelation that Clint married Spider-Man’s daughter, Tonya, and had a daughter of his own. The marriage didn’t quite work out. (Tonya was actually Clint’s third wife). She’s been pretty friendly with Ultron-8 and now lives in Nevada.

Hawkeye decides to visit his daughter Ashley before his eyesight goes. Unfortunately, his relationship with his daughter isn’t too great either. But hey, you can see the Spider-Mobile under a tarp in the background. Hopefully he’ll gain possession of it in this series.

What’s In The Water?

5 Water

When Hawkeye tried taking out the Madrox Gang, one got away with just an arrow to the shoulder. Sure, that’s gotta hurt, but at least it’s better than getting killed. As this dupe makes his way through the desert, seeking shelter to tend to his wound, he comes across a pool of water. We all know hydration is important, but it turns out there’s something deadlier than dying of thirst in that water. You should be able to figure out what’s about to happen from the panels. It’s definitely going to mean bad news for Clint.

There’s A New Marshal In Town

6 Marshal

Clint may have killed a bunch of Mardox dupes, but he still took the time to dig graves for them in the desert heat. As the local law enforcement investigates the crime scene, someone else turns up to admire the carnage. It turns out he’s the marshal of the region. Since the supervillains are in power in the country, you can bet the marshal isn’t going to be too happy with Hawkeye’s decision to take out some bad guys. The revelation of who the marshal is is a pretty sweet one. Along with the surviving Madrox dupe, Clint’s deteriorating vision, and this guy, Hawkeye might need to find someone (besides Logan) who might be willing to help him out.

Issue #2?

Marvel has passed along a couple preview pages for the next issue, on sale February 14 (with an Final Order Cutoff date of January 22). Let your local comic shop now you need an issue, plus a reprint of the first if you missed it and they don’t have any extra copies on the shelves. The series is written by Ethan Sacks with art and covers by Marco Checchetto and colors by Andres Mossa.

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