Doomsday Clock #3 And The Team-Up We’ve Been Waiting For

Doomsday Clock is a series you need to read. Anyone with concerns over a DC Universe/Watchmen crossover can set their fears aside. Geoff Johns has come up with a story that seamlessly makes it possible for the characters to interact with each other. The two comic worlds are drastically different, and those differences are inherently evident whenever characters appear on the page.


The opening pages take us back to the original story. It’s eerie seeing the different perspective on the events courtesy of Gary Frank’s art and Brad Anderson’s colors. There’s such an intense vibe at that moment and it’s depicted brilliantly. Seeing the scene continue is mind-blowing.

As a confrontation unfolds and the action kicks in, each panel makes you hunger for more. You get a glimpse of the potential the story possesses, and it’s easy to imagine the possibilities. It’s rare in comics when the story shifts to the next scene, and you’re suddenly filled with dread, knowing you’ll have to wait a month to see those particular characters next.

I’ll also admit, I wasn’t particularly invested in Mime and Marionette’s role in the story. It just felt like they were along for the ride. Their actions in this issue are impressive. It’s bound to attract the attention of a certain someone and not in a good way. When they meet, it should be a fun moment and hopefully one that tests the mettle of all involved.


Last issue, we got a tease for the meeting between Batman and [the new] Rorschach. As time has passed in the Watchmen world, this new Rorschach is a bit of an enigma. Rorschach gives the Dark Knight the original Rorschach’s journal. The anticipation of what Bruce will make of the contents is indescribable.

The big question is–what will the Batman/Rorschach team-up be like? Chances are, you won’t be able to predict how it plays out. One thing I will reveal/spoil, there will be pancakes.


Believe it or not, there is more going on here than some Watchmen characters making the journey to the DC Universe. We saw mention of the “Superman Theory” and the idea that the U.S. government was responsible for creating the majority of the world’s metahumans. This subplot really begins to build up here. This is something that should have big ramifications in the DC Universe.

Through some news reports, we’re getting a sense of a much much bigger story unfolding. There is mention of something happening to Lex Luthor, and the appearance of Johnny Thunder is something we’ve been waiting for since DC Universe Rebirth #1 was released in May 2016.

Geoff Johns is a world builder. With Doomsday Clock, Johns, Frank, and Anderson are delivering an epic comic book story. Within the narrative, we’re seeing the early stages of some big changes coming to the DC Universe. Johns’ writing pulls you into the world. It’s imperative to read every word and examine every page carefully. It would be a shame if some of the seeds being planted here don’t come to fruition in the rest of the DCU. I simply can’t get enough of this book. Despite my love for the creative team involved, it’s far exceeded any expectations I had. Bring on the next issue!

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