Agents Of SHIELD Season 5, Episode 9 “Best Laid Plans” Recap And Review

It’s SHIELD vs. the Kree. Stuck in a strange situations, the agents are doing what they can to defeat a tyrannical enemy, save humanity, and find a way back home. With the loss of an ally last episode, there won’t be time to mourn. There’s a literal and figurative storm coming, and the agents will have to use all their ingenuity and resources to get out of the coming predicament.

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Warning: There will definitely be spoilers for Season 5, Episode 9 of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, “Best Laid Plans,” below.

Repairing the Zephyr One

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With Robin’s final words, the agents know Flint is the key to rebuilding the monolith so they can return home. They’ll need to get the Zephyr One flying so they can make their way back to the Lighthouse where Flint, Mack, and Yo-Yo are.

As Fitz and Simmons work on the repairs, Simmons finds Fitz’s next-gen plans for the plane. They need artificial gravity to get them work. This makes Fitz realize they have Gravitronium on board the Zephyr One as well. It’s on the plane, the base, everywhere. This is because they designed it all. They’ve seen the designs at this moment, and then use them in the past. Fitz says it’s a time loop, and there isn’t anything they can do to change their fate. Simmons says this is actually proof that they make it back to their time.

The Human Resistance And A Surprise

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Flint is eager to take the fight to Kasius. Mack notices Flint is developing a taste for killing and is concerned. Flint is a kid and not a soldier. A message from Kasius puts this on hold. It’s Tess. Kasius used Kree technology to bring her back from the dead. Tess claims it’s because Kasius is a god. Kasius demands the children and research material in the lab to create more Inhumans. If he doesn’t get what he wants, he’ll end the human race. It turns out the oxygen lines on each floor have bombs attached.

When Tess returns to Kasius with nothing, he’s outraged. He heads to the human levels with guards. He immediately recognizes Yo-Yo (from his past and Yo-Yo’s “future”). Yo-Yo calls him a coward for hiding behind stronger men.

Mack and the others managed to move all the bombs. They set off their own explosion, destroying Kasius’ reseach.

Take Off And A Stowaway

3 147998_5710

The engines of the Zephyr One blows out. With the gravity storm around them, Fitz figures they can remove the anchors and fly up out of the atmosphere. Then they can use the thrusters to “fly” back to the lighthouse. As they’re about to take off, Sinara sneaks on board.

The anchors are stuck so Daisy volunteers to head to a different part to manually disengage them. Sinara makes her move, and the two fight in zero-gravity. Deke shows up, and it’s unclear whether or not he’ll help Daisy. Voss talked to him before take off and put the idea of allowing Daisy be taken by Kasius to prevent her returning to the past and “destroying” the world.

Daisy hasn’t really had a chance to recuperate from all her recent fights and injuries. Sinara is about to move in for the kill, but Deke manages to ensnare her with one of the survivors’ claw and chain. Pulling her down towards him, he soon realizes this might not have been the best idea.

Knocking Deke away, Sinara uses the low gravity to jump up towards her foe. Daisy moves a broken metal railing towards Sinara and impales her.

What’s Up Kasius’ Sleeve?

4 147690_1704

It seems as if all of Kasius’ plans have been thwarted. A guard approaches him as he exits a room with double doors. Before he can make his report, Kasius says, “Let me guess, the Destroyer and her friends are headed here in an old SHIELD aircraft?” The guard is surprised that Kasius knew this. Kasius replies, “They have a seer telling them what’s to come. I have one of my own.”

The doors are labeled with Kree writing it translates to, “EMPIRE OF DEATH.”


5 147998_1809

It was weird seeing May almost deal with the fact that she was Robin’s “mom” in the past. We’re still not sure what returning home will mean for all the events. Obviously it will erase everything that’s happened up to this point. Will they return before or after Fitz went into cryo-sleep? They can’t wake and remove him since Fitz would be going back with them. Too many time paradoxes!

Have we seen the last of Sinara? Obviously she can be brought back to life. Although, Tess didn’t look too good. Perhaps bringing a Kree back is different. Hopefully Deke’s decision to fight Sinara and help Daisy means we finally know he can be trusted. We don’t need the guessing game of where his intentions lie.

I feel like Flint is going to return to the past with them. They’re headed back to the lighthouse. Where are all the broken shards of the monolith? I’m also wondering when Dove Cameron will appear. Marvel made a semi-big announcement on social media about her joining the show this season. We still haven’t seen her.

What does the Kree words on the door mean? It took me a while, but I managed to find a Kree-to-English alphabet translation. I have no idea what “Empire of Doom” could mean. I can’t recall any story arcs with that title. Also, who the heck is Kasius’ seer? If he has one, why didn’t he know that Mack would get the upper hand over him during their confrontation?

Agent’s of SHIELD continues to keep me riveted.

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