Agents Of SHIELD Season 5, Episode 10 “Past Life” Recap And Review

Agents of SHIELD‘s fifth season continues to be a crazy roller coaster ride of thrills and suspense. The plot has been building with several lives at stake. The agents will soon discover whether or not their plan can be thoroughly executed in order to save humanity and allow them to return home.

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Warning: There will definitely be spoilers for Season 5, Episode 10 of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, “Past Life,” below.

Kasius Discovers Sinara’s Fate

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Kasius’ soldiers greeted the Zephyr One as it docked with the lighthouse. It was empty (except for Enoch) because everyone made the final leg of the journey in the SHIELD containment unit. Kasius is upset with Sinara’s death (impalement courtesy of Daisy Johnson). He orders the Kree physician to “fix” her. Unfortunately, Kree physiology isn’t as simple as that of terran. Kasius simply shoots him in the head for failing to help. He shifts his orders to gather all the Inhumans and give them a drug which will fill them with rage until they die.

Yo-Yo Meets The Seer

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The imprisoned Inhumans have been liberated, but Tess mentions she could hear another being revived when they brought her back from the dead. Yo-Yo heads out in search of the person as the others make the preparations to rebuild the Monolith. She finds the door with Kree writing, and someone is inside, chained to a bed.

The seer says her name is Elena. It’s Yo-Yo’s future self. She’s been living through a loop and recalls this moment when she confronted her older self. She was killed by the Kree and brought there  for her blood and DNA. She was killed and revived over and over throughout the years. Elena tells her younger self they do go back in time, and then cause everything to happen. She’s not sure if they can change things.

When Yo-Yo asks how to fight, Elena says she wishes she could say something different. She recalls feeling helpless in trying to change Coulson’s plans. It turns out Coulson is sick. (An infected wound is starting to turn black beneath his shirt). Elena says they tried to save him out of loyalty. They have to let him die. Yo-Yo tries getting her to come with them. Elena rises out of bed and reveals her arms have been amputated (similar to what happened to her in the comics).

Flint The Builder

3 148120_0522

Mack tells Flint he can go to the past with him and Yo-Yo. Simmons works with Flint to try to feel how the structure of the monolith is different from other stones. He heads out in space (in a suit) and gathers up pieces. When some guards see him outside surrounded by stone, he forces it through the window, sucking the Kree out into space.

When the room is re-stabilized, it’s almost time to head back into the past.

Big Decisions

4 148120_7061

Daisy tells Coulson and May she’s not going back with them. Coulson says she can’t be scared about what might happen. Daisy says she’s terrified. If there’s even the slightest chance she was the one that caused the Earth’s destruction, she can’t go. She tells him he taught her to fight, and she’s making her stand now. Coulson corrects her that it was May that taught her to fight. He needs her to leave with them. He shoots her with a Night-Night gun and carries her towards where the monolith is being constructed.

On board the Zephyr One, Enoch had the duty to make sure the device opens the portal once it’s assembled. Deke had to help secure the Zephyr when the Kree were searching for everyone. During a scuffle, the machine is slightly damaged. Deke and Enoch try fixing it, but it’s too damaged to power the monolith. He calculates that his battery, which has sustained him for over 32,000 Earth years, will do the job. Using it will mean his destruction. He’s willing to do it for his friends. Because someone has to be there to man the machine, Deke will end up getting atomized when Enoch’s body expires.

Mack searches for Yo-Yo. He sees Kasius with Elena and thinks it’s his Yo-Yo. Kasius kills her in front of him and takes the drug in order to fight Mack. It’s a brutal fight, but Simmons manages to sneak up behind Kasiu and insert a slave-hearing inhibitor in his ear. This distracts him long enough for Mack to impale him from behind with his shotgun axe. Yo-Yo then arrives and apologies he had to witness the death of her other self.

Enoch cannot hold on much longer, and it’s time to power up the monolith. Mack, Simmons, and Yo-Yo haven’t returned yet…or have they? There’s a bright flash onboard the Zephyr One and the monolith is activated.

Later, Tess and Flint are onboard the trawler. They know Deke is dead, and Flint says he’s sure they made it back. Tess gives him Virgil’s tiny globe and says it’s the blueprints to rebuild the planet.


5 148120_0738

Cliffhanger! What happened? Did Mack, Yo-Yo, and Simmons make it in time to get engulfed by the monolith. How does the monolith know to send them back to the past? I guess that’s what the device on the Zephyr One was for. It did seem weird Fitz was so calm about returning to the past even though Jemma wasn’t in the room. We can assume they do all make it since “Elena” told Yo-Yo they all make it back. But does that mean the past/future/whatever is already written in stone? Also, if they did make it back, how come the Earth was still destroyed? Will they cause an alternate timeline or will it take a little bit for the changes to ripple across the timeline and change everything?

I believe the show is taking a slight break until the beginning of March. That means we’ll have a month to sit and ponder these thoughts. It’s great we won’t have to worry about Kasius and Sinara anymore…unless they show up in the past to kickstart all of this mess. Perhaps Coulson’s sickness can only be cured by Kasius and the Kree. Although, I can’t recall seeing Coulson in the flashbacks of Robin’s visions.

Daisy’s is going to be ticked off at Coulson. Of course we all know she wasn’t the cause of the destruction. I’m more curious when exactly they’ll be sent back. Will it be right after they left? Probably not since Fitz was imprisoned for six months. We know the general overseeing Fitz’s capture must come back since it’s been revealed that Dove Cameron’s character will the the general’s daughter, who is obsessed with Quake.

Season 5 has been fantastic. I love the fact that we have no idea where the story is going next. Will this be a sort of break like we had last season with three different story arcs? Will they be able to change their future? Will we see Hunter again? What big and crazy event will happen in the upcoming 100th episode (Episode 512)? So many questions.

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It’s going to be a long wait for the next episode.

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