Unboxing: Funko’s DC Legion of Collectors–Green Lantern

It’s unboxing time.

This is the final box for Funko’s Legion of Collectors. Sort of. Funko is ending their mail-order boxes, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the complete end. They will be partnering with an exclusive retailer to continue the boxes at a retail level. We’ll have to wait and see what exactly that means and who will be the retailer.

For now, check out this box containing a bunch of Green Lantern-related exclusive collectibles.

What did you think? For me, it’s all about the Funko Pops. The exclusives here were pretty cool. I’m not the biggest collector of Dorbz or Mini Dorbz, but I can’t deny how cute they are. Getting the occasional exclusive Mini Dorbz is cool. For the final mail-order box, it was pretty cool. Hopefully having a retailer sell these will mean more exposure for Funko and DC (and Marvel). I do wonder if it’ll mean higher quantities or less. That would affect the collectibility and value, for those interested in that.

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