Agents Of SHIELD Season 5, Episode 12 “The Real Deal” Recap And Review

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD has reached its 100th episode. While currently in the middle of readjusting to their recent journey, the agents are also tasked with trying to save the world from destruction. As if this wasn’t difficult enough, they’re also recovering from a brutal attack from General Hale and her personal army.

In a fitting fashion, the episode manages to celebrate the 100 episodes in a way while also fully focusing on the current story.

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Warning: There will definitely be spoilers for Season 5, Episode 12 of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, “The Real Deal,” below.

Explosion Aftermath

1 148277_6485

The explosion from the beacon brought into the lighthouse caused the three monoliths to blow up together. Fitz sealed off the basement levels and does calculations to get the others up to speed. Along with the elevator to Level 27 opening to a forest, it seems the explosion blew a hole in space/time, and another dimension is bleeding into their world.

Lash, the deadly Inhuman, was captured on camera by a drone Fitz sent in. When Daisy and Deke were searching for supplies in another section, they were attacked by a Kree soldier. Fitz explains that the monoliths opened up a fear dimension. He believes their deepest fears are being taken and manifested in their world.

Fitz has a way to fix the problem. Unfortunately it could mean one of them will have to sacrifice themselves. He thinks if he takes the Gravitonium from Deke’s buckle, the rift can be patched. Whoever takes the device down could get pulled into and trapped in the other dimension. Coulson volunteers, and the others begin to argue. Before he can continue his side, he faints from his “illness.”

Coulson’s Secret And Willingness To Sacrifice Himself

2 148277_6144

Simmons examined Coulson. The infection is by his heart and lungs. The tissue appears to have been dead for several years. The others are now aware Coulson is dying. He’s known this since he made a deal with Ghost Rider but didn’t know how to tell the others. The “alien voodoo” that brought him back from the dead was burnt out when he temporarily became a host for Ghost Rider in order to defeat Aida.

Coulson didn’t want the others spending time trying to find a solution. Daisy quickly points out they had one with the Kree in the future. Coulson says he doesn’t want to go through all that again. The others are upset. They feel after everything they’ve gone through, they had a right to know. Coulson says SHIELD needs to continue no matter what, and Daisy is SHIELD’s future.

When Coulson arrives in the basement, he encounters Mike Peterson, in a non-cyborg/Deathlok state. “Mike” admits he was created by Coulson’s mind and convinces him he’s not a threat. He explains that Coulson has never been to “Tahiti” or anywhere else. He’s still on the operating table. Everything that has happened has been a dream. Coulson’s biggest fear is letting go. His mind has created memories of a life he never got to live. He then says he’ll be literally walking into the light by heading into the rift.

4 148295_1487

Coulson doesn’t believe him. Mike grabs Phil before he can turn on the device but soon disintegrates when the real Mike Peterson shows up. (Coulson gave Deke orders that lead to Mike and other agents arriving in a quinjet). “Lash” and some roaches from the future show up, but the two manage to hold them off. Then “Hive” shows up, but Coulson is able to seal the rift.

A Special Celebration

5 148284_8966

Coulson, Fitz, and Deke are in the elevator. Fitz explains the gravity field is keeping the rift closed for now. It’s a temporary solution, and they’ll need a more permanent fix. It turns out he’s stalling. The doors open, and they enter the forest. Fitz and Simmons are about to get married.

Simmons mentions in her vows how she always knew Fitz would be part of her life when they first met. She just didn’t know he would become her life. Fitz didn’t write anything down for his vows. He says words don’t seem to be enough. He thinks she’s perfect, and he doesn’t deserve her. He’s the luckiest man on any planet.

Deke’s Mission And Another Revelation

6 148284_4610


Because Deke doesn’t “exist” in this time period, it was safest for him to go to the surface. Along with calling in Mike the other agents to celebrate the wedding, Deke managed to find a wedding dress at a second-hand store and wedding rings. During the ceremony, he tells Mike he found them in a pawn shop. He chose a ring that looked like his grandma’s.

General Hale had one of her subordinates do a full DNA and print analysis on Deke Shaw at the police station. Hale suggested perhaps he was an LMD when it came up that he didn’t exist. It turns out there wasn’t just one genetic match for his DNA, but two: Jemma Simmons and Leo Fitz.


7 148284_8792

This was an amazing episode. It was definitely worthy of the 100-episode status. Seeing past “fears” was a great way to bring in elements from past episodes without making it feel like a clip-show. The only downside is it’s unfortunate Brett Dalton wasn’t available to film the Hive scene. Instead we got someone else with the Hive head super-imposed. You would think Ward would majorly factor into Coulson’s fears after all the conflicts they had.

Is Coulson going to die? With this show, you can never tell. Coulson has been the heart and inspiration of the show, just as he was for the Avengers. It’s still unknown whether or not the show will return for a sixth season. Even if it doesn’t, the Avengers still haven’t discovered he was resurrected after Loki killed him. Jeph Loeb did tell Entertainment Weekly (in the March 16/23, 2018 issue), “It’s certainly something that will get resolved, and it may get resolved in a very surprising way.” That means we can assume Coulson will likely be around for a little longer.

Hopefully now that Fitz and Simmons are married, they’ll be able to get a little bit of happiness before some other horrific event separates them. General Hale will likely want answers about Deke, and Ruby still wants Quake for whatever reasons.

Next week, the agents need to find more Gravitonium in order to save the world.

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