Agents Of SHIELD Season 5, Episode 17 “The Honeymoon” Recap And Review

The team is split up. That means more trouble for them to get into and more suspense for viewers. Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD keeps things rolling as Fitz, Simmons, and Yo-Yo try to figure out what deadly HYDRA weapon General Hale is after while Daisy, May, and the others try to figure out where Coulson is.

There will also be a big confrontation between Daisy and Ruby.

Warning: There will definitely be spoilers for Season 5, Episode 17 of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, “The Honeymoon,” below.

FitzSimmons’ Honeymoon…With Yo-Yo


“The Invincible Three” arrive in Herefordshire, England in search of the HYDRA weapon General Hale is after. Malick hinted there was an R&D facility there. Simmons makes a comment about wanting to go back to England for their honeymoon. Yo-Yo asks them not to make her the third wheel.

They detect an encrypted radio signal as a truck arrives with several robo-guards and Anton Isonove. Isanove talks to Hale on the phone and says he wants a shot at the chamber as well. Fitz, Simmons, and Yo-Yo manage to get inside a secret room and start destroying everything. The chamber is under a tarp.

Fitz wonders if they’ve done this before and failed. They ask Yo-Yo if she knows anything else from talking to her future self. Yo-Yo mentions they need to let Coulson die because trying to save him is what lead to the end. They’re interrupted by robots pounding on the door. Yo-Yo plans on zooming out into the hall, grab their guns, and they can shoot them all. When she does, she returns, writhing in pain. She said it felt like her arms were being ripped off. Fitz says her arms weren’t built to go that fast. The signals are overloading her nervous system. The room will soon be overcome with shooting robots.

The Big Showdown

At General Hale’s facility, Ruby comes across the room with the alien teleporter. Because Creel ripped open the door, she knows Coulson and Talbot must have used it to escape. She follows and quickly catches up to them. She’s about to throw her blade at them when she’s blasted by a Quake-blast. Ruby appears to be knocked out after hitting her head on a rock after getting blasted. Daisy tells May to help Coulson take Talbot back to the Zephyr One while she deals with Ruby. She orders Deke to watch their backs.

Ruby gets up and removes her mask. She tells Daisy about having a poster of her in her room. She soon clarifies she’s not quite like a little girl wanting to be her hero. She’s engineered differently. They begin fighting. Deke returns but can’t get a shot at Ruby. When Daisy hits her again with a big Quake-blast, Deke comes out. Robo-guards (along with Hale) show up shooting, and Deke is hit.

Because Simmons is gone, Mack and Piper will have to do the surgery. Piper was to be trained as a field surgeon but she’s never actually performed. Mack operates while Piper reads through the procedure. After some rough patches, Deke manages to survive the surgery.

Yo-Yo Versus The Man Who Can’t Die


Yo-Yo tries to find a way to help Fitz and Simmons and comes across Isanove. He mentions he heard what happened to her and that she’s now part machine. They fight and end up going out the window. Yo-Yo continues fighting and smashes his robot chest. This causes the other robots surrounding Fitz and Simmons to go offline.

Simmons notes that Fitz did seem concerned for their lives even though he keeps saying time is fixed. He replies that perhaps her hopeful nature is rubbing off on him. Their talk is interrupted by one of Ruby’s blades hitting a nearby table. She’s with Werner, who convinced her to go against her mother’s orders. Werner sees they damaged a crucial component of the chamber, and Ruby puts a blade up to Simmons throat, demanding they fix it. Simmons tells Fitz they can’t let it happen again. He says they don’t have a choice. They never did.

Talbot’s Phone Call


Daisy talks to Talbot after he arrives at the Lighthouse. He has a flashback to when the Daisy LMD shot him but knows it wasn’t her. He says he wants to talk to his wife and son. Things didn’t go too well when they last saw him. Daisy tells him they can’t have any outside contact since Hale is still looking for them. He can help by telling them everything he remembers about the place he was held along with everything he told her about them while tortured.

Later, Daisy tells Talbot they have a lead on Hale thanks to him. She also thought about what he said about his son. She says if she would’ve known her dad cared while she grew up, it would have made a big difference. She gives him a sat-phone that will bounce the signal all over the place and allow a call for a few minutes. He talks to his wife, and she’s happy to hear from him. She can then be seen reading a reply to him about being ready to comply. One of Hale’s officers is there, and it seems Talbot has been hypnotized.


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As usual, it’s surprising how quickly some things happen. It felt like the confrontation between Daisy and Ruby happened sooner than we would’ve expected. That’s the nature of the show and its ability to plow through the storylines. The fight, unfortunately, was too brief. This could allow for another round in a later episode. Dove Cameron’s character is fascinating to see and hopefully we’ll get another chance to see her in action.

One bit not mentioned above was a conversation between May and Coulson. She told him he’s being reckless and Daisy’s not ready to lead yet. She was only thinking about getting him back. Coulson said if he’s going to die, he wants to die doing something that matters. May’s response was he didn’t get to make that decision. That’s for the people that love him, and she loves him. That left him standing in his tracks. Now that it’s out there, will they be able to do anything about it? Is Coulson going to die? I’m still hoping he somehow has a secret cameo in Avengers: Infinity War we somehow never heard about.

Fitz and Simmons taking on all the robo-guards was interesting. Can they die or not? We don’t fully know how the show’s creators are handling time travel. This is something I tried delving into when speaking to them at WonderCon. We have to assume time is not fixed. They have to be able to save the Earth otherwise that is going to have a serious affect on all the upcoming Marvel Studios movies.

It’s just strange that after they went back to the present in the future, Flint and Tess were still looking upon the shattered planet as if sending them back didn’t change anything. If they create an alternate timeline, that doesn’t save everyone in the future. If they save the planet, and the future, would they still go into the future to fight the Kree? There’s also Robin’s visions. She drew everything that happened, including her own death. Would they suddenly change or is there no escaping her fate?

This is something we could think about non-stop until next week’s episode and still not get any answers.

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