Agents Of SHIELD Season 5, Episode 19 “Option Two” Recap And Review

The Agents of SHIELD have been trying to figure out how they can prevent the destruction of the planet. While they may have put a stop to a big potential threat, the danger is far from over. There are others that could still play a role in bringing about the end of everything for SHIELD.

This week, find out who steps up in an attempt to solve an immediate threat. Also, find out if there will be a connection/reference to Avengers: Infinity War.

Warning: There will definitely be spoilers for Season 5, Episode 19 of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, “Option Two,” below.

Consequences For Yo-Yo

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Things are tense at the Lighthouse after Yo-Yo killed Ruby. Coulson discusses the plan to modify the Zephyr One in order to fly out in space to slingshot the Gravitonium into the sun. Yo-Yo mentions she made the right choice with Ruby, but Daisy says it was just revenge. Yo-Yo counters with the fact that they didn’t pick Daisy to be their leader. They could’ve have broken the time loop by leaving Daisy in the future. Coulson jumps in and says it was his choice and he’s making the decisions today.

Later Yo-Yo tries talking to Mack. When she tries explaining she was just trying to save him after she talked to her future self, he says he doesn’t want to hear it. He knows she’s been through a lot, and it’s changed her. In the future, they swore they wouldn’t lose themselves. Yo-Yo tells Mack he knows her. She may run away but she always comes back. Mack replies he doesn’t know if he’ll be there when she does.

Daisy’s Secret Mission

Daisy heads out to escort Robin and her mom to Mack’s friend, the Candyman. He’s going to put them someplace they’ll be safe. The real reason she volunteered for this mission was to get more information. Candyman has been looking into the Deathlok program for information on how they can save Coulson.

The information he found all goes back to “HYDRA dude” John Garrett. He was being kept alive by a “secret sauce”–the Centipede Serum (seen in the first episode). There’s only one Centipede device left, and it shouldn’t be wasted. The serum had a healing component developed by the Nazis, and it’s impossible to get. He has no idea what it is, and the records only give a location that doesn’t appear on any map. Daisy recognizes the name and tells him it’s not a place.

Later, Daisy visits a cemetery with a shovel. The tombstone shows Jiaying‘s name, and Daisy starts digging at her mom’s grave.

Alien Invasion

4 148898_5491

Alarms go off at the Lighthouse. An alien warship has appeared out of nowhere and the base’s communications are being jammed. As the computer simulated guide starts giving them options on how to deal with the apocalypse-level event, Coulson immediately presses enter when the second option, nuclear attack, appears. The third option was, in fact, alien invasion, but Phil jumped the gun. The doors to the base are to be sealed for 15 years to protect against fallout.

Unfortunately, the lockdown won’t keep the aliens out since they have the teleporter device. Random agents are getting killed, and Deke tells the others he knows what’s hunting them. They’re mauraders who take what they want from others. Darkness literally follows them by some sort of “magic.”

More and more aliens are entering the base and slaughtering agents.

Tablot’s Decision

2 148604_4602

Yo-Yo moves Talbot out of his cell and puts handcuffs on him, despite his protest and willingness to try to help. They later end up where Simmons and the Gravitonium are. As everyone is occupied in different parts of the base, when Simmons and Talbot are left alone, Talbot grabs an ice gun and shoots Simmons. He made the decision to enter the HYDRA chamber connected to the Gravitonium. This time the process is able to reach 100% completion (Ruby’s turn only reached 8%).

After some screams and bright lights, Talbot exits the chamber. He approaches a group of aliens and levitates them up. Slowly, he causes them to cave into themselves. He approaches the fallen Coulson and says, “I told you I could fix this.”

Talbot causes the ceiling to crumble, and he levitates himself and Coulson up through the hole on a piece of concrete. The SHIELD program informs them it is now safe, and they survived.

***Avengers: Infinity War Connection?***

There wasn’t much of one. When Daisy met with Candyman, he mentions the “crazy stuff” happening in New York. Daisy replied she couldn’t stop to watch the news because she has to get back to the Lighthouse.

That’s it.


5 148898_8453
R.I.P. Random Agent Dude.

This was a crazy, action-packed episode. Thank goodness they had a bunch of random agent dudes around to get slaughtered by the marauder aliens. The show continues to keep the intensity going without having to go overboard with the budget.

The question we’re left with is: What’s next for Talbot? Where is he taking Coulson? There are still the other voices of Dr. Hall and Ian Quinn inside the Gravitonium and, they hate Coulson. Will Talbot fall under their control and extract revenge for them?

What about Yo-Yo and Mack? When I spoke to Natalia Cordova-Buckley & Henry Simmons at WonderCon, she mentioned the show is going to be putting them in a difficult position, and we’re going to have to pray they don’t end up not together.

An interesting moment was when Fitz and Deke were talking. Deke believes in the Multiverse Theory where every decisions made creates an alternate universe. Fitz referred to Deke as their “canary in a coal mine. He said if they succeed in saving the future, Deke will blink out of existence.

Another great moment was when Agent Davis was telling Piper the story about how he got a scar. She asked him if he told the others the story. His reply was no one cares. This character has been on several episodes, but he’s unfortunately stuck in the background and doesn’t get to sit at the cool kids’ table.

Three more episodes to go and we still haven’t heard whether or not the show is getting renewed for Season 6…


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