Man Of Steel #1 By Brian Michael Bendis & Ivan Reis Introduces Major New Threat

The first issue of Brian Michael Bendis’ weekly Superman series has arrived. After years writing and creating characters in the Marvel Universe, Bendis is ready to put his stamp on the DCU.

After a preview story in Action Comics #1000, we are now given more information on a new threat in Superman’s life–Rogol Zaar.


In Action Comics #1000, Zaar claimed he cleansed the galaxy of the “Kryptonian plague,” and was responsible for the destruction of Krypton. That was an extremely bold statement. You can’t wonder what Bendis has up his sleeves with this new character.

In Man of Steel #1, we see more of Zaar’s story from “many years ago.” He states his reasons for his hatred of all things Kryptonian, and you can see emotions ooze off the page. With the way his presentation goes, you can see his anger and determination grow.

Bendis isn’t just setting things up for a colossal showdown between Superman and a new powerful being. As a new Superman writer, it’s essential we also get to see what his take on the character is. We get to see Superman dealing with various problems around Metropolis, and Bendis gives some narrative explaining what Superman’s process is in determining where his help is needed. Having Superman explain this and the fact it’s not a perfect procedure helps to humanize the Man of Steel. Superman may be an extremely powerful alien with incredible abilities, but its little touches like this that helps readers relate to him.

In the recent DC Nation #0 preview comic,  the Superman story written by Bendis stated Lois is no longer working at the Daily Planet. The reason why is something that has yet to be revealed. While we do get a glimpse of Lois here, it may only provide a hint for what’s to come. As in DC Nation #0, Bendis also introduces another new character that could make a return appearance in Superman’s life.

The art by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado and colors by Alex Sinclair provides the stellar visuals you would want and expect in a new Superman series. Jay Fabok handles the art on the final two pages which contain a haunting cliffhanger. With all of Bendis’ character building, it’s fantastic to see the story accompanied by great art and color. Superman is such an important and iconic character. He simply deserves this kind of talent.

Man of Steel #1 is a solid debut by Brian Michael Bendis. The issue does contain its share of splashy action but doesn’t rely on gimmicks to fill the issue. Bendis is allowed to do what he does best–tell a story. This is the beginning of his run on Superman. He has been allowed to plant some seeds while giving readers plenty to grab out attention. If you’ve read any comics by Bendis before, you know he often takes big risks and delivers plenty in return. With his track record and the top notch art team, you won’t want to miss out on this comic. You might think you’re prepared for whatever Bendis has planned, but that is never the case.

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