Best Stuff In Comics This Week

There’s a crazy amount of comics released each week. Here’s  a look at some of the strangest, coolest, and funniest things to happen in comics. These examples should give you more of a reason to pick up these titles at your local comic shop. You can also find more examples on the Best Stuff Instagram page.

I’ve been debating on bringing this back as a weekly post or possibly returning it to video format. We’ll see how it goes.

There may be some minor spoilers below.

Ben Reilly: Scarlet Spider #20

Best Reason To Be Cautious Around Kids

1 ScarletSpider

W.C. Fields said,  “Never work with animals or children.” Kaine, the other Scarlet Spider, learns this the hard way when trying to save a kid from a Mindless One.

Cable #158

Best Honest Reason For A Guest Appearance

2 Cable158

Cable is training members of his X-Force team in their own version of the X-Men’s Danger Room. During the scenario, Deadpool appears. There isn’t really a clear reason why he’s there. What he says seems to be reason enough.

Injustice 2 #63

Best Reason Why Lobo Should Never Be Given A Power Ring

3 Injustice2.63

Times are desperate in the Injustice 2 timeline. The Guardians of the Universe realize the odds are against them, and they have no choice but to give a Power Ring to Lobo. He uses the ring to attack his enemy with a giant…phallic construct. Thankfully some things are better left to occur off panel.

Tony Stark: Iron Man #1

Best Reason Not To Trust “Jerry From Accounting”

4 TonyStark1a

At Stark Unlimited, there are numerous innovations being worked on at the same time. We get a glimpse at experiments dealing with talking dogs and cats. One cat offers some insight into Jerry from Accounting.

Best Commentary On The Hobbit Movies

5 TonyStark1b

While Iron Man is fighting Fin Fang Foom, a new associate makes reference to Smaug from The Hobbit. Jocasta consumes all versions of J.R.R. Tolkien’s story and makes an accurate observation on the movies.

Batman: Prelude To The Wedding: Red Hood Vs. Anarky #1

Best Intimidating Introduction

6 BatmanPreludeToTheWeddingRedHoodVsAnnarky

Batman knows “Criminals are a superstitious cowardly lot.” It makes sense one of his former Robins–Jason Todd–would pick up on this. He uses his past and versions of the truth to put some fear into some men he’s questioning.

Runaways #10

Best Way To Defeat A 13-Year-Old Girl (And Some Others)

7 Runaways10

The Runaways have found themselves facing off against one of Molly’s friends who had a magic cupcake that would make the person who ate it young forever. Since Gert has been…gone for a few years, she comes up with what she believes is the best way to defeat their foe. It may have been been a few years, but the break up still hurts.

Infinity Countdown: Black Widow #1

Best Reason People Shouldn’t Make Fun Of Pouches

9 InfinityCountdownBlackWidow1

Black Widow has found herself in possession of an Infinity Stone. Due to the nature of her skintight outfit, she doesn’t really have a practical place to keep it. This makes her realize that perhaps there is something to having pouches on your costume.

Batman #49

Best Question About The Penguin

8 Batman49

Joker is up to his usually shenanigans after he found out Batman and Catwoman were getting married (and he wasn’t invited). Catwoman and Joker have an intense confrontation, leaving both with serious injuries. Selina takes the opportunity to raise a question about the Penguin and his choice of accessories.

X-Men: Gold #30

Best Reason The Fantastic Four Better Hurry Up And Return To Comics

10 XmenGold30a

As the X-Men gather for the wedding of Kitty Pryde and Colossus, Beast and Iceman along with their younger, time-displaced counterparts joke about forming a team. The younger Bobby Drake suggest using Fantastic Four as a team name since it isn’t in use. At least it’s not until August when the series finally returns.

Best Description On What Marriage Should Be About

11 XMenGold30b

In the…aftermath of the wedding ceremony, Storm has some words to say about marriage that strikes a chord with Gambit.

The Amazing Spider-Man #801 

Best Parting Shot

12 ASM801

There’s something about this image of Spider-Man swinging away. Marcos Martin and Munsta Vicente did an…amazing job. It’s no wonder Marvel decided to use this image as the cover for second printing of the sold out issue.

The final entry is something I don’t normally do. While there will be some spoilers when looking at the Best Stuff, I’d rather not reveal the final page or panel. This is something that has made its way online already and was very touching.

Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #1

Best Reason J. Jonah Jameson Isn’t Such A Jerk   


After a wacky and fun story by Chip Zdarsky, Mike Allred, and Laura Allred, we see a flashback moment that explains why J. Jonah James kept buying pictures from a teenage Peter Parker.

That’s it for this week. As I mentioned, I’m toying with the idea of continuing this each week in this or in a video form.

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