SDCC 2018: Supergirl (1984)–Helen Slater & Marc McClure Interviews

Supergirl made her way to the big screen back in 1984. The movie was pretty weird, but it did bring Kara Zor-El into the Christopher Reeve/Superman universe. Warner Bros. is celebrating the movie with the release of a remastered version on Blu-ray.


To help celebrate the release, Helen Slater (Supergirl) and Marc McClure (Jimmy Olsen) attended San Diego Comic-Con and talked to use about their experience with the movie along with the roles they’ve played in other DC Comics adaptations. (Unfortunately, there was a minor problem with the audio equipment).

Helen Slater

Marc McClure

If you’ve never seen the movie, it’s something to experience. It’s great there’s finally a Blu-ray version you can add to your home library. It’ll be interesting to see how it compares to the regular version.

Supergirl (1984) is now available in stores and digital OnDemand.

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