SDCC 2018: Twin Peaks Interviews

San Diego Comic-Con is always full of surprises. This year, the big surprise was getting the opportunity to speak to several actors from Twin Peaks. (You can find my thoughts on each episode of The Return here).

This interview session was a little intense with the large number of actors to speak to, but that’s part of what made it great experience. As you stand on the line, you were never quite sure who you were going to speak to next. It kept you on your toes and the adrenaline pumping. What made it perfect was how fantastic each actor was to talk to. They were having just as much fun as the press was. Check them out below.

Sabrina Sutherland – Executive Producer

John Pirruccello – Dep. Chad Broxford

Eric Edelstein – Det. “Smiley” Fusco

Nicole LaLiberte – Darya

Adele René – Lt. Cynthia Knox

George Griffith – Ray Monroe

Chrysta Bell – FBI Agent Tammy Preston

Amy Shiels – Candie

Kimmy Robertson – Lucy Brennan

Harry Goaz – Dep. Andy Brennan

Robert Broski & Christian Calloway – Woodsmen


Full disclosure, if you didn’t know already, I love Twin Peaks. I’m kind of obsessed with it. I did learn a bit talking to all these amazing people, and have started re-watching the last season again. Finding out how the actors filmed their role and how they were given direction and information is fascinating.

Some people feel the show is just too weird. If you watch carefully or have read Mark Frost’s two books (The Secret History of Twin Peaks and Twin Peaks: The Final Dossier), it does make sense. Hopefully someday we can get more.

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