Fantastic Four #5 Features The Wedding Of The Century

The Fantastic Four are on their way to getting back together. If you read this week’s Fantastic Four #2, you’ve seen some of the obstacles in the way and how that resulted in certain actions. Once a big battle is resolved and the team has a proper reunion, it’ll be time for a wedding that’s been decades in the making.

If you read Fantastic Four #1, you know which two classic characters are finally tying the knot. Marvel has sent out wedding invitations so you can mark your calendar.


Ben Grimm and Alicia Masters are finally getting married.

The December issue is written by Dan Slott with Esad Ribic doing the cover art. Aaron Kuder will handle the interiors along with Adam Hughes and Michael Allred to celebrate the 650th issue of Fantastic Four. Will also see the untold story of Ben and Alicia’s courtship as well as the bachelor part. With Johnny Storm throwing the party, you can expect all sorts of mischief and adventures in the typical Marvel tradition.

Cover art by Esad Ribic.

Kuder will also provide the art for the following storyline and had this to say:

‘There are a handful of comic titles that demand respect due to their history. Titles that have influenced generations of fans and creators alike…Fantastic Four is definitely one of the biggest. It is truly an honor on that basis alone. Throw in the fact that I’m working with legendary creators like Dan, Mike, Adam, and Marte, and that just sets my inner fanboy a-spinning. I’ll be giving this ALL I’ve got.’

Fantastic Four #5 is on sale December 26, 2018.

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