Amazing Art Picks: Shazam, Wolverine, Harley Quinn, And More

The coolest comic book art you won’t see in comics.

The reason you won’t see this art in comics is because artists often draw sketches, warm-ups, and commissions and post them on their Tumblrs, blogs, and Twitter. Some artists even arrange commissions through their sites so be sure to check them out to stay up to date with what they have going on.

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Here’s a collection of some of the art I came across this week. Click to enlarge.

Todd Nauck posted a Wolverine sketch on his Instagram.



Jim Lee posted some art he drew on his Twitch channel on his Instagram.


Dustin Nguyen posted a WIP piece on his Instagram.



Khary Randolph posted some new sketches on his Instagram.


John Timms posted a Harley Quinn sketch on his Instagram.



Andrew Robinson posted a Y: The Last Man commission on his Instagram.

Y The Last Man


Declan Shalvey posted recent commissions on his Instagram.


Marcus To  posted commissions from Shanghai Comic Con on his Instagram.


Brett Booth put a Jean Grey sketch up for sale on his Twitter.



Dawn McTeigue posted new art on her Instagram.


Bernard Chang posted a Batman sketch on his Instagram.



Rod Reis posted a Winter Soldier pic on his Instagram to remind us the new series is coming in December.



Agnes Garbowska posted a D.Va watercolor on her Instagram.



Chris Samnee started posted a new Harley/Penguin sketch on his Instagram. He has in Batman Inktober sketches up on eBay.

Harley Penguin


Franco posted a Shazam sketch on his Instagram. It’s already sold, but he has other original art for sale at his online store.



Ray-Anthony Height posted commissions from Rhode Island Comic Con on his Instagram.


Leonardo Romero posted a new sketches on his Instagram.


Marcio Takara posted new commissions on his Instagram.


Norm Rapmund posted commissions from LA Comic Con on his Instagram.


Francesco Francavilla posted a couple Batman Noirvember pieces on his Instagram.


Chrissie Zullo posted a Delirium commission on her Facebook page.



Nick Cagnetti posted Spider-Gwen and Nexus art on his Instagram.


Kris Anka posted Namor art on his Instagram.



Tony Daniel posted a Batman sketch on his Instagram.



Jim Cheung posted new sketches on his Instagram.


David Marquez posted more warm-up sketches on his Instagram.


Mahmud Asrar posted more commissions on his Tumblr.


That’s it for this week. Let me know what you think of all the art.

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