Unboxing Shazam! Funko Pop Hot Topic Exclusive

The time has come to finally add a Shazam Funko Pop to your collection. While there are a few different characters being added from the Shazam Family, the one I went with was the Hot Topic exclusive. This one glows in the dark.

It’s easy to figure out what must be the glowing part–the Shazam logo/emblem, right? It turns out there is a little something extra that caught me off guard. Check it out in the video below.

It’s a cool figure. I was thinking about it before that I really needed a Shazam Funko Pop to go with all the other ones. Thankfully this was a Hot Topic exclusive because they tend to be easier to come by–at least for me. Other exclusive retailer seem to either sell out quickly or it’s difficult to get access to any of their stock.

Let me know what you think of this Funko Pop. I’m looking forward to seeing Shazam! in theaters next month.

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