DC Universe’s Titans: The Complete First Season Coming To Digital And Blu-ray/DVD

If you haven’t signed up for the DC Universe streaming service and still haven’t watched Titans, you’ll get a chance to own the first season this month.

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has announced the 11-episode season will be available digitally on March 21 for a suggested retail price of $24.99. The season is now available for pre-order.

The release will be in 1080p full HD video with DTS-HD Master Audio. The release will also feature 40 minutes of special features along with a new featurette.

The special features include:

  • Raven and Robin Dark Rebirth (new featurette)
  • The Story of Titans
  • The Characters of Titans
  • The Making of Titans
  • Dick Grayson’s and Rachel Roth’s Dark Past
  • A look at vigilantes Hawk and Dove
  • The identity of Titans Kory Anders/Starfire
  • Gar Logan’s Journey
  • Rachel’s Powers
  • The Doom Patrol meets the Titans.
  • Jason Todd’s Robin
  • From Comic to Live Action Adventure
  • Meet Wonder Girl
  • Dick Grayson’s Dark Past
  • World of Superheroes and Vigilantes

The release date for the Blu-ray/DVD has not been determined yet. It will be available before the second season begins.

This isn’t your typical telling of the Teen Titans characters. It’s a show you should definitely check out. Just keep in mind it is not intended for younger viewers.

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