Cloak & Dagger Season 2, Episode 6 “B Sides” Recap And Review

Last week Tandy and Tyrone each went on their own missions, and things didn’t quite go the way they thought it would. Tandy is now fighting to put a stop to the sex trafficking ring but may not be prepared for the big swerve that has appeared in her path.

Warning: There will definitely be spoilers for Season 2, Episode 6 of Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger, “B Sides,” below.

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Different Records, Different Lives

Someone is seen in the record store inside the Darkforce Dimension playing one of Tandy’s “records” entitled Perfect Life. It starts out with Tyrone and Tandy waking up on the beach as kids after the Roxxon explosion and Billy and Tandy’s dad coming to find them. This leads to the scenes in the last episode with Tandy raising a toast to Tyrone as he officially becomes an officer for the New Orleans Police Department. As they walk to pick up more ice for the party, we find out Tandy has been living in New York as a ballet dancer. In the convenience store, a guy tells Tandy she’s hot and makes a racist comment towards Tyrone. The clerk joins in but pulls a gun on Tyrone when he sees he’s has one himself. Ty tries explaining he’s an officer and asks Tandy to reach for his badge. She drops the bags of ice, and the clerk shoots his gun. With the shot fired, Tyrone reaches for Tandy, and they’re pushed apart as their powers react towards each other.

The mysterious person in the record store switches the record.

Tandy is at home wearing a Roxxon shirt. She’s being flown out in a helicopter to the rig and sees Tyrone and Billy working there. Mia is also working there as a scientist and isn’t happy to have a “spy” checking in on them. Tandy convinces Tyrone to take her to where she needs to do some readings on the equipment. Mia arrives again, more angry than before. It turns out pressure has been building from the drilling. There’s an explosion, and Tandy sees someone wearing a hat lurking in the shadows. Mia is trapped under some pipes, and Tandy instinctively creates a light dagger to cut her out.

A third record is put on.

Tandy is trying to get people to sign a petition to save an endangered bird. She’s really using this as a way to steal people’s wallets. She flirts with Mikayla’s boyfriend, much to Mikayla’s annoyance. When Liam discovers Tandy stole his wallet, he starts chasing her as Mikayla calls out for the police. Tandy jumps into a car that Tyrone is hot-wiring. Tandy threatens to alert the coming police if he doesn’t drive away. The police (and an ambulance) eventually catches up to them. (Tandy is really inside the back of the ambulance she was taken in last episode, in the real world). Tyrone takes an exit down a side road to dodge the cops. Tandy sees the stranger in a hat standing in the middle of the road and grabs the steering wheel to swerve.

It turns out it’s Andre, the counselor from the center, is the one changing the records! Tandy is back trying to get people to sign the petition. She suddenly has Liam’s wallet and sees Andre standing in the crowd. She runs and uses a dagger to open up a door. Now she’s back on the Roxxon rig. She walks through some curtains and is back home at Ty’s party, still wearing the Roxxon shirt.

Tandy ends up back at the record store after an argument with her father. It turns out Andre is the one collecting the misery “records” of all the girls. He says it’s not misery but despair. The night of the rig explosion, he got powers that allows him to go inside their heads. Feeding on their despair eases the massive headaches he’s been getting. Since she can’t harm him with a dagger, she uses it instead to smash a record. Tandy wakes up in the ambulance and gets out.

Tandy and Tyrone Reunited

Tyrone has been trying to find out where Tandy is. Moments later, Tandy arrives at the abandoned church. Now that she knows who is behind the missing girls, they go to Brigid. Outside the center, Tandy and Ty know the police won’t be able to do anything so Ty teleports them inside. As they confront Andre, Lia comes in holding a knife to Mikayla’s throat. Tandy throws a light dagger, which Lia dodges. Ty rushes and teleports Mikayla to safety. Andre uses the distraction to pull a gun on Tandy. Tandy doesn’t back down, and Andre says he’s been in her mind and knows she doesn’t have anything. Tandy says he’s wrong–she has one person. Andre knows this and shoots Tyrone three times in the chest. Ty is bleeding out in her arms. Tandy says she can’t do this without him.

Tandy is suddenly on the floor at the record store with Andre looking over her. He tells her Tyrone would still be alive if she didn’t bring him into this. She hurts everyone she touches. Now she has to give in. She agrees, and Tandy is then sitting alone in darkness. In the real world, for real this time, she’s taken out of the ambulance to the Viking Motel.


This week’s episode took an interesting approach. We may not have spent a lot of time in the “real world,” but we got to see some “What If?” moments in Tandy and Tyrone’s lives. At the heart of the different scenarios is the underlying theme of how important they are to each other.

We also got to see some different performances from Olivia Holt. She was still playing the same character but had to mix it up a little for the different life paths she was going through.

The best part was the fact that we were lead to believe Tandy escaped back into the real world. Seeing Tyrone shot created some confusion but could have been explained with the fact that Andre has access to the Darkforce Dimension. Perhaps he was able to negate Tyrone’s powers. Fortunately and unfortunately, it was but another ruse on Andre’s part in order to break Tandy down.

Of course the fact that Andre was behind the records and different scenarios was pretty crazy. He seemed like such a good and nice guy when Tandy talked to him. Perhaps that should’ve been a clue–he was too nice.

Hopefully Tandy will be able to save herself and won’t need Tyrone to come to her rescue. Tandy accomplished a lot in this episode. She fought Andre’s despair scenarios while Lia kept injecting her with drugs. If Tandy needs Tyrone’s help, that could go along with the emphasis that the two are stronger together, as a team, but it would also belittle Tandy’s strength in being able to fend for herself.

Now comes the waiting game as we count down the days until the next episode to find out what is going to happen.

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