Agents Of SHIELD Season 6, Episode 6 “Inescapable” Recap And Review

Last week we found out a little bit more about Sarge, the guy/alien who has Coulson’s face. We also found out the full reason Fitz is being hunted by a Chronicom bounty hunter and what that means for any sort of reunion with Simmons.

Warning: There will definitely be spoilers for Season 6, Episode 6 of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, “Inescapable,” below.

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Reunited At Last

Fitz and Simmons wake up in the same room. They’re actually together this time. Fitz finds out more about how Simmons returned from the future, and Atarah, the Chronicom, reveals she wants them to find a way to go back in time so they can save the Chronicom homeworld. They can have any tool or technology imaginable and a work station suddenly appears.

Alone together, they begin to catch up over tea and cookies. Fitz decides to propose because he can’t imagine not being with her any longer. She accepts, and Fitz tries finding out about her time in the future and back. She doesn’t want to talk about it and ducks into a hidden room beneath the work station.

Young Simmons And Bedtime Stories

It turns out Simmons retreated to her bedroom and is now a child. This is where she worked out problems in her head. Her troubles are locked away in a music box on her dresser. After young Simmons insists Fitz read her a bedroom story, which turns out to look like the Darkhold on the cover, Fitz drags her back to the main room. Atarah is there, and Fitz yells at her about being put in a mind prison and lied to about it.

In the real world, Enoch voices his concerns over the dangers of this and the damage it can do to them. Humans are not meant to go through this. Inside, Fitz and Simmons begin arguing. They’re supposed to be unstoppable, and Fitz says if she won’t help, he can try to think up someone who can. At this, Simmons mentions Aida, the Life Model Decoy.

Fitz wants to know what she’s afraid of when Mack appears. This is the memory of when Fitz’s body was brought back to the Lighthouse after his death. Fitz finds out everything about the time travel paradox, missing his own wedding, and Coulson’s fate.

Dark And Repressed Thoughts On The Loose

They continue through different shared memories, including when Coulson first recruited them for his team. Unfortunately the dangers begin to arise. Evil Fitz from the Framework is here along with a dark and deadly version of Simmons comprised of everything she’s locked away. Realizing the control they have, they think about their friends that can help. Daisy and Mack appear, allowing them to escape. This somehow leads them to being locked inside the containment pod with both evil versions of themselves outside. Strangely enough, the two dark entities end up making out.

Atarah returns and scolds them for a lack of progress. Apparently it’s only been five and a half minutes. Fitz says he doesn’t know if he can be part of messing with time. If they’re to be stuck in this prison together, so be it. Atarah is about to say something when she stops and an alarm goes off. Enoch took action in the real world. Fitz and Simmons awaken to find everyone knocked out. He creates a teleport ring and they get ready to leave. Simmons last words to Fitz are that he’s also a grandfather.


It’s hard to believe after everything that’s happened, Fitz and Simmons finally got to be together. It could be the shortened season and quicker pacing brought this about sooner rather than later.

This was an intriguing episode in that it mainly focused on the two. It was a great reminder just how special the bond is between the two. Despite the love for each other, we saw there was also some issues and repressed feelings the two have kept inside. If anything, Atarah’s prison only helped to strengthen the bond between them. We just don’t know where they teleported to and if they’ll be able to return to Earth right away. The info. for next week’s episode doesn’t suggest this will be the case.

We did get a tiny bit at the end with Mack and Daisy. This is where the different story arcs start coming together. Daisy is aware of the destruction of the Chronicoms’ homeworld and Mack knows it was likely Sarge responsible. May and Sarge weren’t seen but from last week episodes, she’s likely bringing him back to headquarters. Hopefully we’ll get more answers about where he comes from and why he looks like Coulson.

Seven more episodes are left for this season.

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