Agents Of SHIELD Season 6, Episode 7 “Toldja” Recap And Review

Last week Fitz and Simmons were reunited (finally), but almost lost their minds when kept in a virtual prison forced to solve a problem for the Chronicoms. They managed to escape with some surprising assistance. Meanwhile on Earth, SHIELD prepares to come face to face with the mysterious Sarge.

Warning: There will definitely be spoilers for Season 6, Episode 7 of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, “Toldja,” below.

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Back At The Space Casino

Fitz, Simmons, and Enoch appear back at the casino. It seems the teleporting device returned them to the last location it was used. Unfortunately a casino patron picks it up and disappears. They need to figure a way out of the casino unseen since Fitz and Enoch are still wanted there. When it appears they may have their moment to leave, several casino enforcer intercept them. Mr. Kitson, the owner of the casino and possibly the planet, wants to see them.

Mr. Kitson mentions the history of the casino and how Fitz almost brought everything down by bringing in a synthetic into the casino. Fitz tries saying they can be of value to him instead of just having them killed, and he agrees. Fitz and Simmons, along with another casino gambler who owes money, are placed under separate guillotines and forced to hold up their blades by a chain. People can bet on who will drop their blade first resulting in their head getting chopped off. A woman named Izel puts a knife to Kitson’s back and says she wants to purchase the Terrans. He has no choice but to agree and rig the game so the other gambler dies.

Izel wants them for her crew. She wants to retrieve some valuable artifacts that were stolen from her. She doesn’t have a ship but managed to save the jump drive from her ship before it was destroyed along with her previous crew. The items taken are on Earth so it sounds like a good deal for Fitz and Simmons.

Fitz takes them to where the two guys he and Enoch were on a ship with before are. Izel “persuades” them to join her crew. Enoch starts walking away, and Fitz asks him where he’s going. Enoch says his mission is over. Earth is saved, and Fitz has acquired transit back. He wasn’t going to say anything because of an Earth saying, “Goodbyes suck.” Fitz say he was a pain for disrupting his life but hugs him goodbye. Enoch gives him a device and says “Don’t be afraid to call” if he needs him.

Sarge Arrives at SHIELD Headquarters

Agent May brings Sarge and Snowflake into SHIELD’s headquarters. On the way to the command center, everyone stares at Sarge because of his likeness to Coulson. Sarge tries pushing everyone’s buttons, knowing they have a connection to the “dead Coulson guy.” Mack asks him what his real name is, but Sarge just says to call him whatever he wants. By the end of the day, he’ll be in charge of the place.

Deke tries talking/catching up with Daisy (because of his crush on her). She doesn’t really give him her full attention, but he ends up finding out about [future] Fitz dying. He confronts Mack, angry that he wasn’t told about Fitz or the rescue mission. He says he would’ve gone. Mack says that Deke was the one who left. Mack does hand over Sarge’s Shrike scanner and asks if he could use his skills to hack it. When he does, there are two dots moving towards each other. Mack tells Sarge, who smugly says, “Two at once, looks like you outsmarted me.”

The two targets are found and taken on board a craft. When they’re both put in the containment pod, one starts shaking and breaks his handcuffs. They realize Sarge knew something would happen if they went after them. They bring him into the command center again and ask how to stop them. Sarge says he already told them about the knife, but it’s too late for that. Everyone on the ship is going to die. In the containment pod, the crystalized spikes start forming and break through.

Mack has no choice but to listen to Sarge’s demands in exchange for his help. He says he wants his team and truck back. He tells them cold might kill the shrikes. The ship goes to a higher altitude and the bay door is opened. The plan works. Sarge tells them not to get too comfortable since their maker is coming. Daisy asks what should they do next. Mack isn’t sure and turns to Sarge. Sarge replies, “Toldja.”


Once again, you can feel the abbreviated season coming into play. The good thing is, the stories are happening at a faster pace with the payout happening quicker. The FitzSimmons reunion could have easily been dragged on a lot longer. Last week they were suddenly put in the same “prison” and managed to escape all within the same episode. When it seemed they were going to be making this detour back to the casino world, it felt like they’d be stuck in space longer. Now they’re, thankfully, headed back to Earth. Of course, who knows what other obstacles they’ll have to face before arriving?

Daisy’s interaction with Deke was a little strange. Deke may have a one-sided crush on her, but she hasn’t seen him in about a year. You would think she’d be a little more curious about what he’s been up to instead of coming across as uncaring. Granted, she was focused on getting the ship prepped so they could return back to space to find Fitz and Simmons.

It was an interesting development when Jaco displayed the ability to shoot fire from his mouth. It’s weird to think that he, Snowflake, and Sarge are all aliens. They appear human so it’s almost overlooked that they’re from other planets.

We still don’t know what’s going on with Sarge’s DNA being the same as Coulson’s. We can also expect some sort of trouble with Izel, the woman/alien bringing Fitz and Simmons to Earth. What are these artifacts that were stolen from her? Could it be she’s the Maker and the Shrikes are her “artifacts” that were stolen? Maybe not, but that would tie in the different storylines.

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