First Look: DCeased #6–A Fallen Hero Could Cause The End Of Humanity

DCeased #5 is on sale this week. You can check out a spoiler-free review here. With the next issue marking the end of the miniseries, it could also mark the end of humanity.

In the comic series written by Tom Taylor with art by Trevor Hairsine, Neil Edwards and Stefano Guadiano, we’re seeing a zombie apocalypse caused by cosmic means. Several major characters have already been transformed. As Taylor put it, “In this book, anyone can be taken off the table.”

DC Comics has released a first look preview for the final issue.

Note: There are spoilers for DCeased #5 below!

DCeased #6 cover by Mark Brooks.

 In issue #5, Superman set out to stop a certain speedster who became infected. This hero was then infecting others at a high-speed rate. Superman had no choice but to put a permanent stop to the former hero. Unfortunately, during the super-quick conflict, Superman himself became infected. He managed to say a heartfelt goodbye to his love ones, but you can imagine what the problem might be after that.

Check out the preview pages. (Click to enlarge).

Looks like the remaining heroes will have to do what they can to put a stop to the transformed Superman. He’ll basically become a zombie with Superman’s powers.

Here’s the variant covers byYasmin Putri and Francesco Mattina.

DCeased #6 is on sale Oct 30, 2019 with Final Orders due Oct 07, 2019. The price is $4.99.

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