Unboxing: Funko Speed Racer

When it comes to anime, I’m an old school kind of guy. One of my favorite animated series has always been Speed Racer. It might be a nostalgia thing I associate with discovering the series for the first time as a kid. Maybe it’s just the fact that he drove a groovy car with crazy gadgets plus the appearances of the cool and mysterious Racer X. I’m sure you know the theme song. I even love the visual madness of the live action movie from 2008.

Funko has released a couple Funko Pops for the series, including a chase variant. They also released a Funko Ride for the Mach 5. Check them out below.

As mentioned in the video, I’m trying to resist buying so many Funko Pops. There was just . no way I could resist getting these Speed Racer ones. Speed Racer will always have a special place in my heart.

Let me know what you think of these and whether or not you’re a Speed Racer fan.

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