Unboxing: Funko Marvel Collector Corps – The Infinity Saga

It’s Unboxing Time. Feels like it’s been a while since we’ve done one of these. I’ve actually had some things sitting around. I just haven’t had the time to film because of how crazy things currently are. That can’t stop an unboxing of Funko’s Marvel Collector Corps subscription boxes. The boxes ship every other month and can be bought exclusively through Amazon for $30 a box.

This box should have been delivered a couple weeks ago, but it seems everything is getting impacted. Thankfully I managed to avoid spoilers. Take a look at all the exclusive items inside.

Anytime we get more than one Funko Pop is good, in my opinion. I’ll admit, I wasn’t super-excited for the two. The added “feature” to both is always cool. I guess because I already have different Pops of these characters, I was left wanting something else. What would I have wanted? Hard to say. These variants are cool.

What characters or moments do you think would have been cool to see?

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