Unboxing: Funko Mandalorian – The Child Super Sized

It’s Unboxing Time!

This week we are visited by the Child aka Baby Yoda. The super-sized Funko Pop has finally arrived. Remember when everyone was going crazy over Baby Yoda? Do people still care? Pre-orders for the Funko Pops months ago. My order was then delayed further, possibly due to the pandemic? Either way, the Child is finally here in an almost life-sized form.

Check out how it looks out of the box.

I was a little bummed, as usual, that this was a bobble head. That’s just how the Star Wars and Marvel Funko Pops have to be. After opening it, I actually do like the bobble-ness.

It is a pretty massive figure. Those ears take up a lot of space. The box is almost ridiculously large. I think there could still be some demand for this. I suppose it really comes down to how much did stores or retailers order? With the big sized box, they’re not going to want these sitting on the shelves. I’m sure if people have started getting over Baby Yoda, that would change upon seeing this. I’m glad I got mine.

Are you going to get one if you see one? Did you already pre-order one?

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