The Batman Teaser Trailer and New Information

At the DC FanDome panel for The Batman, Robert Pattison started things by mentioning how the production was interrupted by pandemic. He’s eager to get back to it.

Matt Reeves talked about why he wanted to work on a Batman movie. He says he’s loved the characters since he was a kid. There’s also the idea that he doesn’t have superpowers. We’ll be seeing Batman earlier in his career. He’s trying to figure out what he can do to stop crime and corruption. It’s not an origin tale but it will touch on his origin. The story will deal with the corruption in Gotham.

We’ll see a version of the Riddler no one has seen before with Paul Dano. Riddler is just emerging for the first time. Zoe Kravitz’s iteration of Catwoman is also a version we haven’t see but touches on aspects of the comics. Andy Serkis will bring something a little different to Alfred.

Reeves discussed Pattison’s Batman suit. It’s more practical and feels like something he could have put together. This is the beginning of Year Two. He praised Pattinson for his ability to be a chameleon in his different roles and how he captures the soul of Batman.

Gotham will also have a feel unlike anything we’ve seen before. Reeves wanted something different from Burton and Nolan’s Gotham City. With shooting in Liverpool, they’ll also add some CG.

The big moment was the reveal of a teaser trailer even though they’ve only filmed about a quarter of the film.

Who is he? He is vengeance.

The Batman is due in theaters October 1, 2021.

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