Unboxing: Mallrats 25th Anniversary Blu-ray

It’s Unboxing Time!

Whenever you mention Kevin Smith’s Mallrats, it’s usually accompanied by people saysing, “I love that movie!” or “I’ve seen that so many times!” There is something so delightful about the movie. The story, the acting, the dialogue, the humor…the list goes on.

Arrow Films has released a restoration of the movie for its 25th anniversary on Blu-ray. There is some new artwork along with some goodies inside (like Silent Bob’s blueprint plans for their two schemes). Take a look at what you get with this disc release.

I haven’t had a chance to watch this release. It’s weird to think that I only had this movie on DVD. I can’t wait to see the new restoration along with the new special features.

Let me know what you think. Do you love Mallrats? If not, which is your favorite Kevin Smith film?

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