Unboxing: What If…? Funko Marvel Collector Corps

It’s Unboxing Time!

The latest Funko Marvel Collector Corps subscription box is finally here. There was a slight delay for some reason. This box has a Marvel Studios What If…? theme. The boxes can be ordered only through Amazon. They’re supposed to ship every other month and cost you about thirty bucks.

We’ve only had two episodes of What If…? so far. The third one will be available probably when you watch this. Check out the unboxing video to see what characters are featured.

It is nice when we get two Funko Pops. They were both cool this month. What’s interesting is they can almost pass as just regular versions of the characters. That could be a good thing, but I was kind of hoping for something a little more…wacky.

As for the next box, it will be Shang-Chi themed. The card in the box says it’s due in September. We’ll see if that actually happens, if they get back on schedule.

Let me know what you think of this box’s stuff.

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