Unboxing: Teen Titans Go/DC Super Hero Girls: Mayhem In The Multiverse Blu-ray

It’s Unboxing Time!

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment is releasing a new Teen Titans Go! movie this week. This time they’re crossing over with the characters from DC Super Hero Girls. How is that possible? Anything is possible when it comes to the multiverse. And according to the title, there will be some “Mayhem” in the Multiverse.

As with all releases, the big question for me is always: What will the disc art look like? Sometimes we get the same image from the cover. Sometimes it’s a little different. You can find out what Warner Bros. did here by checking out the video below.

I’m really curious to check this movie out. It’s no secret that I absolutely love Teen Titans Go! I’ve been lucky to interview the cast so many times at conventions, and they are all amazing. The writing on the show always cracks me up. You never know what sort of absurdity they’ll spring on us next. This should be another hilarious adventure.

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