Agents Of SHIELD Season 4, Episode 20 “Farewell, Cruel World!” Recap And Review

Time is running out, and the agents inside the virtual world of the Framework need to find a way back home. Aida, the Life Model Decoy has unleashed her plan as Madame Hydra, and anyone opposing her is in danger. It’s up to Daisy Johnson and Phil Coulson to get the remaining agents to the Framework’s backdoor in order to return to the real world.

Warning: There will be spoilers for Season 4, Episode 20 of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, “Farewell, Cruel World!,” below.

Yo-Yo And The Zephyr-1

When Daisy and Simmons entered the Framework, their bodies were left in the care of Yo-Yo and other agents. Flying in the Zephyr-1, all they could do was fly around in order to avoid being detected. Ten days have passed and they’re getting low on fuel. Unable to touch down to refuel since they don’t know who they can trust because Aida has manipulated the rest of SHIELD, all non-vital functions are turned off on the plane. When the cloaking is switched off, they are detected by the Superior’s men and fired upon.

Simmons And Fitz’s Dad

Daisy told Simmons they won’t be able to free Fitz from Aida’s evil influence right away because they need to leave the Framework. Not willing to accept this, she gets May to access Hydra’s personnel files after discovering Fitz’s father, Alistair has been the big influence that steered Fitz towards Hydra. With a gun on Alistair, Simmons orders him to call his son and ask him to come alone. Instead, Alistair tells Fitz the “fugitive” is there and to bring his men. They struggle and Alistair is about to choke the life out of Simmons when she accidentally shoots and kills him. This outrages Fitz and leads to an intense confrontation later.

The Framework’s Backdoor 

Agent Trip flies Daisy, Coulson, May, and Mack to the coordinates that Radcliffe gave Daisy. They’re surprised to find it’s at an old steel mill. It turns out while Aida couldn’t remove the exit since it was written into the Framework’s code, she was able to conceal it by having a vat of molten steel appear over it. Mack is upset that he was tricked into coming on the mission and leaving his daughter behind. He refuses to believe the world is fake. Daisy figures out she can use her Quake powers to part the steel and reveal the exit to the real world.

Unfortunately, Hydra agents are there and shoot Coulson several times before he can make the leap through the exit. May helps him up, and he’s able to go through. Waking up in the real world, May soon awakes after she decided to follow him. Seeing Aida’s body, Coulson decides to decapitate her again.

Back in the Framework, Simmons prepares to go through next but, Fitz arrives and shoots her in the leg. He says she means nothing to him and is about to shoot her in the head. Radcliffe overpowers the guard holding him and he’s able to get Fitz through the portal. In the real world Fitz realizes he’s responsible for killing Agnes (Aida’s real-life counterpart) and Jeffrey Mace’s death. Coulson tries explaining it’s not his fault when they hear someone in the other room.

Aida’s Transformation

145765_1141-900x600 copy

Aida starts the procedure that would give her an organic body. Even though Coulson cut off the head of her robotic body, she is reborn in the device in the real world thanks to Darkhold technology. Fitz is conflicted and drawn to her while May grabs a gun to shoot her. Aida says she’s happy to see him and also surprised to feel happiness for the first time. Just as May is about to shoot, Aida embraces Fitz, and the two somehow disappear.

What About Mack?

When Coulson first jumped through the Framework’s exit, the entire world experienced a flicker. Mack asked Daisy if his daughter was okay in the real-world, but Daisy had to explain that Hope was dead. Explaining how she laughs at his jokes and he holds her when she’s sad, he says he can’t go. He later returns to the SHIELD base and finds Trip watching over Hope as she sleeps. Mack tells Hope the others had to leave, but they won’t be going with. He has everything he needs right there.


There was plenty of suspense and surprises once again. One of the questions brought up before was: How will they deal with what happened in the Framework? Fitz is going to be a mess. Immediately upon returning to the real world, he realized he killed two actual people. The Framework showed hints of everyone’s true self. Does this mean Fitz has a darkness inside?

It’s a little odd Grant Ward was nowhere to be seen. He may have already said his goodbye to Daisy last episode, but it seems likely he’d want to continue to help her. Everyone has been busy with something, but there wasn’t any mention of what he was up to during the episode.

It was no surprise that Mack would decide to remain in the Framework with his daughter. Will the others simply leave him plugged into it, or will Yo-Yo want to try entering to find him? There’s only two more episodes left this season. It’s likely there’s still some bombshells headed our way.

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