Batman And Flash Visit Flashpoint in BATMAN #22

What’s going on with that button from Watchmen? Batman and the Flash want to get to the bottom of the mystery. After Reverse Flash appeared in the Batcave and took the button, things didn’t quite go his way. (You can check that out here).

Later, Batman and Flash used the Cosmic Treadmill to follow the energy signature from Reverse Flash’s journey with the button. (You can see how that went here).

In Batman #22, Batman and the Flash get a surprise when they discover where the cosmic storm that hit the treadmill left them. There will be some spoilers below.

It’s a nice reunion but we don’t get as many answers as we’d like. There are actually some more questions left unanswered. Why and how did the Flashpoint world still exist? What was the purpose of dropping Flash and Batman in that world? Could Thomas have gone with them? What will the two find out from Reverse Flash before his death?

Hopefully we’ll get more answers in The Flash #22, on sale May 17.

4 Replies to “Batman And Flash Visit Flashpoint in BATMAN #22”

  1. This event really has been fantastic. I give DC a lot of credit for playing the long game. As a reader, I feel it’s engaging enough to keep me interested but doesn’t lay out everything too heavily.

  2. Thanks for the updates. I appreciate all the work at the old site and hope there is a new podcast on the horizon! Missing it every week. Thanks again and I’ll follow you here.

  3. Was really wanting Thomas Wayne to come back with them. Would have been a nice twist to deal with. Could see Damien really warming up to his more brutal grandfather…

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