Mary Jane Watson Variants Headed Your Way This June

Face it Tiger, we all just hit the jackpot.

Recently Marvel rolled out a series of Gwen Stacy variants on some of their monthly titles. It was a success with fans, and it’s only fitting to have Mary Jane grace the cover of different comics as well.

Marvel has unveiled 20 of the upcoming covers. Check them out.

AVENGERS #8 by Mike Allred


  2.   ALL-NEW WOLVERINE #21 by David Lopez
  3.   AVENGERS #8 by Mike Allred
  4.   BLACK BOLT #2 by Ryan Stegman
  5.   CAPTAIN AMERICA: STEVE ROGERS #18 by Paolo Rivera
  6.   CHAMPIONS #9 by Helen Chen
  7.   DAREDEVIL #21 by Humberto Ramos
  8.   DEADPOOL #32 by Elizabeth Torque
  9.   DOCTOR STRANGE #22 by Francisco Herrera
  10.   GWENPOOL, THE UNBELIEVABLE #17 by David Nakayama
  11.   HULK #7 by Rahzzah
  12.   I AM GROOT #2 by Julian Totino Tedesco
  13.   INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #8 by Marco Checchetto
  14.   IRON FIST #4 by Stephanie Hans
  15.   MIGHTY THOR #20 by Patrick Brown (not pictured)
  16.   SECRET WARRIORS #3 by Javier Rodriguez
  17.   SPIDER-GWEN #21 by Kevin Wada
  18.   THE MIGHTY CAPTAIN MARVEL #6 by Chris Samnee
  19.   THE PUNISHER #13 by Dave Williams
  20.   VENOM #151 by Francesco Mattina
  21.   X-MEN BLUE #5 by TBD
  22.   X-MEN GOLD #5 by Anthony Piper

Which ones do you dig?

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