Twin Peaks Season 3 Episodes 3 & 4 Review–What’s Going On?

If you’re like me, you watched Episodes 3 and 4 of Twin Peaks‘ return immediately after the two-part premiere last week. The downside to having these episodes available right away is now we have to wait for the next new one to air. We’re now getting a little closer to what some fans were expecting. We see more familiar faces along with more new ones. There are still loads of unanswered questions, but that’s par for the course with David Lynch and Mark Frost. The best thing to do is sit back and enjoy the ride.

Here are some key moments from the two episodes. There will be some spoilers.

Episode 3 – “Call For Help”


Opening with Cooper falling through space, we’re reminded of the scene between Laura and Donna in Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. Donna asked Laura if you were falling in space, did she think you’d slow down after a while or go faster and faster. (Check out that clip here). Cooper doesn’t leave the Lodge by simply walking through the ring of sycamore trees. He has to make some detours first.

Landing on a strange structure, he finds a woman with her eyes sewn/scarred shut in a purple room. It’s a freaky scene (especially when watching late at night in the dark on an iPad with headphones). The way she talks is different from those in the Lodge, and you can’t make out what she’s trying to say. The strange pounding on the door intensifies the mood. Up on the roof, the woman is sent flying away when she flips a switch. Cooper sees a giant floating head of Major Briggs, who utters “Blue Rose,” a reference to Fire Walk With Me. When Cooper returns to this room, he meets a woman that looks just like Ronette Pulaski, and manages to escape in a bizarre fashion, getting sucked through an oversized electrical socket. Again, “electricity” is yet another reference from Fire Walk With Me.

In the real world, there is another Cooper doppelgänger going by the name of Dougie Jones, and Evil Cooper is driving recklessly in a car. Dougie is having an affair and also is wearing the same ring Laura and Teresa Banks wore before their deaths. Evil Coop and Dougie are both sickened as the real Cooper makes his way to the real world. Evil Coop grossly vomits what appears to be creamed corn (garmonbozia) and wrecks his car. Dougie vomits and disappears as Cooper appears in his place.

Cooper is finally back after 25 years. Unfortunately, something has happened to his mind. Dougie ended up in the Lodge, and the One-Armed Man tells him he was manufactured for a purpose. It can be assumed Evil Coop somehow made Dougie to be the one pulled back into the Lodge when Cooper managed to make his return.

The minimal dialogue in the first half of the episode is excellent. It really forces viewers to hang on to every moment on the screen. Seeing Cooper’s trip and how he stumbles his way in his new condition gives an uneasy feeling, even as we see Cooper become “Mr. Jackpot” in the casino.

There is more on Hawk’s attempt to follow the words of the Log Lady. With Andy and Lucy, they’ve brought all of the files from the Laura Palmer case to the conference room to find out what is missing. Cooper had told Hawk before, “Hawk, if I ever get lost, I hope you’re the man they send to find me.” Could this be what Hawk needs to find?

Gordon Cole and Albert Rosenfeld also make an appearance as the murders in New York in front of the mysterious glass box are brought to their attention. They receive a call that Cooper is in South Dakota, although it’s really Evil Coop.

Lingering Questions:

  • Who or what is the purple room lady’s mother?
  • What’s with the time 2:53?
  • Why is Jacoby painting the shovels gold?
  • Why did the Lodge help Cooper win the jackpots?
  • Is it about the bunny?


Episode 4 – “…Brings Back Some Memories”

Wally Brando

Thanks to his slot machine winnings, Cooper manages to get a ride to Dougie’s home by a casino limo. If Dougie was “manufactured,” how long has he been around? He’s married to Janey-E Jones (Naomi Watts) and has a son, Sonny Jim Jones. Is this actually Dougie’s son? The meeting of Dougie’s wife does shed some light as to why Cooper was almost shot when getting a ride to the casino from Jade. Dougie owes people quite a bit of money. It is interesting that Janey-E barely flinched at Dougie’s change in appearance with him being replaced by Cooper. Sonny Jim notices his “father” is behaving strangely but laughs over it rather than comment on it.

When Gordon meets with Denise (David Duchovny), there is some concern over his decision to take Agent Tamara Preston. It’s not clear what Gordon’s history is with young pretty agents, but we know he did have a infatuation with Shelly Johnson when they first met. It is worth noting that Tamara Preston was a part of the recent Secret History of Twin Peaks book by Mark Frost, which is a must-read.

The visit with Evil Coop is fascinating. He is unable to fully impersonate Cooper due to vomiting his garmonbozia. Evil Coop informs Gordon he was working undercover all these years with Philip Jeffries (David Bowie, seen briefly in Fire Walk With Me). Albert seems to know a little about this. It’s unclear why Evil Coop wants to be debriefed by Gordon, but Gordon is certain something strange is going on. He mentions Cooper didn’t greet him properly. This is definitely a Blue Rose case.

In the town of Twin Peaks, we’re introduced to Sheriff Frank Truman, Harry’s brother. (Harry is apparently sick as Michael Ontkean is not taking part in the show’s return). Bobby Brigs is part of the police department, staking out drug-runners. Has he cleaned up his act after his fathers vision of him in Season 2? Bobby has an emotional reaction when he sees Laura’s old photo in the conference room with all the evidence Hawk is looking over.

Bobby also reveals that Cooper was the last person to see his father alive. This was obviously Evil Coop. Major Briggs died in a fire at his station the next day after the visit. Along with these tidbits, we are introduced to Andy and Lucy’s son, Wally Brando (Michael Cera), who delivers a memorable bit of dialogue.

Lingering Questions:

  • Who does Dougie owe money to?
  • Where was Dougie for three days? With Jade?
  • Where is Philip Jeffries now?
  • Did Evil Coop really have contact with Jeffries?
  • Why does he want to be debriefed by Gordon so badly?
  • Why did Gordon ask Tammy to wear a wire?
  • Who is the person Gordon and Albert want to take a look at Cooper?
  • Why is Lucy so freaked out by cell phones?


With these two episodes, it’s clear the show has found its beat. Lynch has mentioned this season is like a movie in 18 parts. I’ve already watched these episodes several times and am still excited with each viewing. There are many mysteries being presented, and having them not just take place in the town of Twin Peaks opens up the show’s world, as Fire Walk With Me did a little. We may be hungering for a full return of Cooper with all his facilities intact, but this is such a delicious journey we’re witnessing. Purple rooms, other doppelgängers, Blue Rose cases…I can’t get enough of it. 



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