Wonder Woman’s First Meeting With Batman And Superman Revealed

History within comic book universes can sometimes be a tricky thing. Past events are often re-written or overlooked. Back in 2011, DC launched the New 52 Universe and we got to see how most of our favorite heroes first started out. The formation of the Justice League was told within the pages of their series, but with DC’s Rebirth (and that mysterious blue enemy manipulating the timeline), once again, it may be a little difficult to determined what exactly has happened between our heroes.

The current Wonder Woman series by Greg Rucka, Nicola Scott, and Liam Sharp has been showing Diana’s first days outside of Themyscira along with her present day activities. In the comic’s Annual issue, her first meeting with Superman and Batman is shown. The three have become known as DC’s Trinity. There will be some spoilers in the video below.

From the beginning, Batman and Superman discovered Wonder Woman had the purest of intentions. It’s also interesting how Batman answered when they stated their true names under the power of Diana’s lasso.

This week also marks the release of Wonder Woman’s first big screen movie. Stay tuned to hear my thoughts on the film.

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