Twin Peaks Season 3 Episode 5 Review–What’s Going On?

Twin Peaks‘ return continues with some laughs and freaky moments this week. While there are still an enormous amount of questions, some answers and new information are revealed in the fifth episode, “Case Files.”

The show still feels like one giant movie being told in multiple parts, and you have to appreciate the storytelling by David Lynch and Mark Frost. Here are this week’s developments. There will be some spoilers.

The guys wanting to kill Dougie are still keeping an eye on his car, left at the Rancho Rosa subdivision. They call a very angry and anxious lady (Lorraine, played by Tammie Bard) with the news that the job still isn’t finished. She then places a call to a mysterious black box in Argentina that beeps.

The decapitated body is still being examined. The person hadn’t eaten for days but did have a wedding ring in his stomach. It has an inscription to Dougie from Janey-E. Could the body belong to Major Briggs? Later at the Pentagon, a colonel is told there’s been another database hit on Major Briggs’ prints. It’s the sixteenth time in twenty-five years. They have to check it out. The colonel says it could be another wild goose chase, but if it is real, they have to notify the FBI.

Kyle MacLachlan in a still from Twin Peaks. Photo: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME

Evil Coop sits in his jail cell. He looks in the mirror, and there are flashbacks to BOB and Cooper’s doppelgänger in the Black Lodge and Cooper smashing his head against the mirror (from Season 2). His smile morphs a little and he says, “You’re still with me. That’s good.” When he finally gets to make his phone call, the warden is ready to record everything, per FBI Director Cole’s instructions. Evil Coop knows he’s being watched.  He dials several numbers and somehow causes the building’s alarms to go off. In the phone, he simply says, “The cow jumped over the moon.” As soon as he hangs up, the lights go back to normal and the alarms turn off. The box in Argentina beeps again and changes into a small rock.


Janey-E has to take Sonny Jim to school. Cooper, still cruising through Dougie’s life, starts crying as he looks at Sonny Jim. Janey-E has to take him to work since his car is still at the Rancho Rosa subdivision. We find out Dougie works at an insurance company. Cooper loves coffee again. In a meeting, he can tell one of the other insurance agents (Tom Sizemore) is lying. When Dougie’s boss talks to him over the accusation of one of his best agents, Cooper fixates on the word “agent.”


At the Double R Diner, Shelly is visited by her daughter, Becky Burnett (played by Amanda Seyfried). She asks for money. It’s the third time in two weeks, and Shelly gives her seventy-two dollars. Becky heads out to Steven’s car. Steven is credited as “Steven Burnett” so we can assume he’s her husband. He says he’ll make up for the money and offers her some cocaine as they drive off.

Eamon Farren in a still from Twin Peaks. Photo: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME

At the Roadhouse, a guy is being asked to put out his cigarette. When he challenges the bartender, Deputy Chad Broxford, the jerk officer that gave Andy and Lucy a hard time at the station, says he’ll take care of it. He asks the guy for a cigarette and is given the entire pack. The pack is full of cash and the deputy walks away smiling. The actor is Eamon Farren and he’s credited as Richard Horne. How is he related to Benjamin and Jerry? Are Richard and Broxford the ones responsible for the drugs coming into Twin Peaks?

Chrysta Bell in a still from Twin Peaks. Photo: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME

Other Things That Happened

  • Mike works in an office. He comes down on Steven for having a poorly written résumé.
  • Frank Truman talks to Harry on the phone. Frank’s wife, Doris, visits the station and is very angry.
  • The guy running the casino gets beat up and fired by Rodney and Bradley Mitchum (played by Robert Knepper and Jim Belushi) because of all the jackpot winnings.
  • The device under Dougie’s car was a bomb. Car thieves try stealing the car, and it explodes.
  • The key to Cooper’s room at the Great Northern was left in Jade’s car. She drops it in a mailbox to be returned to the hotel.
  • Dr. Jacoby broadcasts over the internet. He talks about global conspiracies and is watched by Jerry Horne, Nadine, and who knows who else. He’s selling the painted shovels as Dr. Amp’s Gold Shit-Digging Shovel for $29.99 plus shipping and handling.
  • Hawk and Andy are still going over the Laura Palmer case files.
  • Agent Tammy Preston looks over Cooper’s file and the police records for Evil Coop. She spends a lot of time looking over the fingerprints.

Wendy Robie in a still from Twin Peaks. Photo: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME


Twin Peaks is still a show unlike any other. There is a strange pacing that keeps you glued. This episode had some more humorous moments, but we still get the creepy moments with Evil Cooper and the hints at the darkness seeping all over the place. This season has had some slow and drawn out scenes. There isn’t as much of that this week, but viewers will still be scratching their heads over parts.

What’s intriguing is seeing what plot threads are focused on each week. We haven’t had any clues to who the mysterious billionaire is that funded the glass box in New York or Matthew Lillard’s character’s arrest. It’s difficult seeing Cooper stumble around trying to return to his former glory. It is part of his journey and does offer some humor, but we can’t help but want Cooper back. He is getting there little by little. When Preston was looking over Cooper’s fingerprint files, I wonder if they were flipped or something to go along with the backwards talk from the Black Lodge.

Of course, there are new questions being thrown at viewers. Who is Lorraine and why did she call the black box in Argentina? Who does Dougie owe money to? Is Nadine still married to Ed? Who is Becky’s father? Who is this “Mr. Strawberry” that Evil Coop mentioned calling? Why has there been so many database hits on Major Briggs if he supposedly died shortly after Season 2? Will Cooper get back to Dougie’s house since he’s hanging around outside the office mesmerized by the cowboy statue and needs Janey-E to pick him up?

As with the past weeks, I’ve already watched this a couple times (and have it running a third time as I write all this). This show is to me what coffee used to be to Agent Cooper. I can’t get enough. Time to start counting down the days to next Sunday’s new episode.

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