Twin Peaks Season 3 Episode 6 Review–What’s Going On?

The latest episode of Twin Peaks‘ return pushes the story forward a little bit. We get to see some new faces and also get a few small answers. With this being the sixth episode, that means we are now a third of way through the season. There are some of the typical long and silent scenes that might feel drawn out to some. If you’ve been glued to every moment so far, you’ll continue to be mesmerized while trying to pick up on any hidden clues that might passing by.

Here’s what happened this week along with the latest questions that have popped up. There will be spoilers for Twin Peaks Season 3, Episode 6 – “Don’t Die” below.

Photos: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME

Dougie/Cooper is still by statue outside work. The officer walking around tells him again there’s no loitering. Cooper is compelled to touch his badge. He’s brought home, and Janey-E wants to take him to doctor’s. Sonny Jim is waiting up for him to say goodnight. He’s ordered down when Janey-E opens the envelope left on door. Inside is a picture of Dougie and Jade, and Janey-E is extremely angry. Since Cooper didn’t call the men about paying back the money Dougie owes, they sent the picture and call the house. Janey-E answers and is going to meet the men tomorrow.

Philip Gerard tries talking to Cooper again. He tells Cooper he has to wake up and says, “Don’t die” three times. Cooper looks over the case files Dougie’s boss made him bring home. He starts doodling on them with a pencil. He sees a little light by Anthony Sinclair’s name and draws lines, ladder and stairs on the forms.

Janey-E meets with the guys demanding the money the next day. Dougie borrowed money/took points on a game. He lost $20,000 but with interest, it’s up to $52,000. Janey-E talks firmly to them about the problems in the world and how they handle things. She insists they’ll only get $25,000 and hands it over.

Laura Dern in a still from Twin Peaks. Photo: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME

Agent Rosenfield is driving in a city in the rain while talking to Deputy Director Gordon Cole. He enters Max Von’s Bar and walks through the crowd. He’s looking for the woman that can help them with Cooper after he and Gordon saw Evil Coop in South Dakota. It turns out, it’s Diane, the person Cooper sent audio tapes to years ago when he was with the FBI.

Balthazar Getty in a still from Twin Peaks. Photo: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME

In Twin Peaks, Richard Horne meets with Red (Balthazar Getty) and tries some drugs. Red talks about bringing drugs down from Canada. Red acts a little strangely and also emphasizes that Richard better not mess up this deal. Richard is bothered when Red calls him “Kid.” Then Red does a weird magic trick with a dime. Richard drives off recklessly. He’s angry about being called “Kid” and is still high on drugs.

At the Fat Trout Trailer Park, Carl (seen in Fire Walk With Me) heads into town. He goes in every day around the same time. It’s his chance to get out of the trailer park. He sits at a bench, smoking, drinking coffee, and enjoying the scenery. He sees a mother and child playing some sort of game of Tag. The kid runs a little, stops, and the mom runs up and hugs him. Repeat. At a stop sign, a truck driver tells them to cross. At the same time, Richard decides to pass the cars and truck at the stop sign and runs over the kid. He keeps going and everyone stares in shock. Miriam (seen eating pie and getting coffee from the RR Diner) may have seen and recognized Richard. Carl sees a yellow light rise up from the kid into sky and sits with the mother as she holds her child in her arms.

Patrick Fischler in a still from Twin Peaks. Photo: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME

Duncan Todd is trying to send an email and part of screen goes red. He pulls out an white envelope with a black dot from a safe with just a black dot on it. He’s careful not to touch it with his hands. Later, a guy in a hotel room gets the envelop under the door with two pictures inside: Lorraine (Tammie Baird) and Dougie. The man is listed in the credits as Ike “The Spike” Stadtler. He later goes to an office and is killing people with the icepick. He stabs Lorraine over an over with an icepick. When someone in the hall sees him, he chases after her and kills her too. He’s saddened when he sees his icepick is bent.


At the Twin Peaks police department, Hawk drops a buffalo nickel and sees the same symbol on the door to the stall. He notices the corner of the door is bent away and decides to pry it apart. Hawk finds folded up papers at the bottom.


While watching, this episode almost felt longer than usual, in a good way. As mentioned, there were some long scenes. Knowing each plays a part of the bigger picture, it’s all incredible to see.

The moment we’ve been waiting for since the very first episode has happened. We finally get to see Diane. When Laura Dern was cast for the show, it was assumed she would be playing the previously unseen character. It’ll be interesting to see what part she plays in the following episodes. Will she immediately realize Evil Coop is not their Cooper? If so, what could she do about it. We don’t know what she’ll bring to the table, or how much working with Cooper may have influenced her character. She’s credited with the last name of Evans, which doesn’t seem to have any significance, but it is something we didn’t know before.

Other Questions

  • How does Red’s dime float in the air then appear in Richard’s mouth? What’s up with Red?
  • Did Richard get recognized? Will there be consequences of the hit and run?
  • What’s up with Carl? How and why did he see the yellow light leave the boy? He did tell Agent Desmond (in Fire Walk With Me) that he’s seen things.
  • What does “One-One-Nine” mean? Is the drugged out lady trying to say “911”? Could this have anything to do with the backwards talk from the Black Lodge?
  • Are the papers Hawk found the missing pages from Laura Palmer’s diary?!? Who put them in the bathroom stall door in the police department?

It’s fantastic that we’re getting different story plots and characters in the show. Yes, everyone wants to see Cooper’s story, but everything else makes the world feel bigger. There may be some connections with these other characters. The Giant did mention “Linda and Richard” to Cooper in the first episode. That could mean Richard Horne and the woman mentioned at the trailer park. We’ll have to keep watching to find out.


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