Spider-Man: Homecoming — Who The Heck Is The Shocker?!?

Spider-Man is getting a solo movie once again courtesy of Sony and Marvel Studios. With this latest version, Spidey will actually be fighting villains he hasn’t faced before on the big screen. Everyone knows about Michael Keaton playing the Vulture. What might not quite be common knowledge is the fact that Shocker will also be appearing in the movie.

If you watched the trailers carefully or have seen some of the merchandise related to the movie, you know our favorite quilted costume wearing villain is also making his big screen debut. Looking at imdb, there are actually TWO different Shockers. So the big question is: Who the Heck is The Shocker? Watch the video below to find out.

Shocker isn’t really a dweeb as he’s sometimes portrayed. He should get more credit for being able to actually invent his gauntlets and costume. Let me know what you thought of the video and if you’re excited to see Shocker on the big screen.

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