Twin Peaks Season 3 Half Way Point–Original Questions We Need Answered

With the lack of a new episode of Twin Peaks this week, we’re allowed more time to think about everything that’s happened so far. After last week’s intense episode, we definitely need time to digest it all.

When the series ended in 1991, we were left with some big questions. 1992’s Fire Walk With Me didn’t exactly give us the answers we were looking for and ended up generating new questions. Some answers were given in the scenes from The Missing Pieces (deleted scenes from FWWM) and in the current season, but here’s the five big questions we still need answered.

What Happened To Audrey?


Viewers have been waiting for Audrey to show up. It’s known that Audrey survived the explosion at the bank at the end of Season 2. A newspaper clipping was shown in Mark Frost’s The Secret History of Twin Peaks. It was revealed, this season, that she was in a coma afterwards and “Cooper” was scene walking out of her room before leaving the hospital. Since this was really the evil doppelgänger possessed by Bob, why did he visit Audrey?

With the introduction of Richard Horne (Eamon Farren) in Episode 5, many assume he’s Audrey’s kid. But who is the father? Speculation has pointed to Evil Coop raping her while she was pregnant, or perhaps John Justice Wheeler is the father. Is she the “anonymous billionaire” behind the glass box/Black Lodge operation in New York seen in the first couple episodes? Hopefully she’ll finally make an appearance in Episode 9.

What’s The Deal With Phillip Jeffries?

David Bowie’s appearance as the long lost Special Agent Phillip Jeffries in Fire Walk With Me gave us one of the most bizarre moments in the movie. He appeared in the FBI office before Cooper went to Twin Peaks to investigate Laura’s murder. Despite having never met each other, Jeffries seemed to know Cooper when he pointed and asked, “Who do you think that is there?” Watching the full scene in The Missing Pieces deleted scene without the “meeting sequence” reveals a little more.

Jeffries mentions finding something at Judy’s in Seattle. (Judy was rumored to be Josie Packard’s sister). When he notices it’s February 1989, he disappears. This goes along with the fact he recognizes Cooper and thinks he’s really the doppelgänger. Somehow time travel is involved with the Black Lodge. The scene continues with Jeffries teleporting back to Buenos Aires. The trip was apparently a painful one.

What has Jeffries been doing since? The show’s return revealed that Albert Rosenfield knew something about his activities. Jeffries also tried to get Ray and Darya to kill Evil Coop. Have they had any sort of confrontation during the last twenty-five years?

What Are The “Meetings” About?

Phillip Jeffries mentioned he was at “one of their meetings” above a convenience store. In the clip, those in attendance were The Little Man From Another Place/The Arm, BOB, Jumping Man, the Electrician, Mrs. Tremond and her grandson, and two woodsmen. It’s a strange mix of characters, not by their Lynch-ian creation but the fact that they seem to have different motives.

The Little Man from Another Place has usually been on the side of “good” yet has a slightly creepy laugh with BOB over the ring. If BOB is so bad, why is he part of the meetings and allowed to go and do as he pleases? Mrs. Tremond was seen trying to help Laura and later Donna. In Episode 8, we saw a Woodsman kill several people and others help revive Evil Coop. Do they meet to figure out ways to manipulate the real world or just get together to hang out?

How was Jeffries able to attend one of their meetings? Did they allow him? What’s the deal with the convenience store? One was also seen in the old footage in Episode 8 as well. Turns out there’s actually quite a few questions within this one.

Where Did Special Agent Chet Desmond Go?

Special Agent Chet Desmond was investigating the death of Teresa Banks. At the Fat Trout Trailer Park, he found the ring under a trailer in a mound of dirt and disappeared when he reached for it. Cooper was later sent to look into his disappearance. It seems odd they would drop the disappearance of an agent, but there’s never been any other mention of him. He’s never been seen in any of the Black Lodge visions so we have no idea what became of him.

In The Secret History of Twin Peaks, Special Agent Tammy Preston found his name on a deleted list in a computer file at the FBI office. Hopefully we’ll find out something about where he might have gone or if he was ever found. Because he disappeared during one of FBI Deputy Director Gordon Cole’s Blue Rose cases, it could have been classified top secret.

How’s Annie?

The biggest question after the end of Season 2 was, “How’s Annie?” With those final words from Cooper/BOB, we were left wondering until The Missing Pieces scenes were released. Annie is seen being taken to a hospital, in Windam Earle’s deceased wife’s dress.

Time travel in the Black Lodge played a role once again as she was able to visit Laura in a dream before her death to give her the warning to write in her diary, as seen in Fire Walk With Me and the missing pages Hawk found. The Little Man From Another Place even asks Cooper, in the Lodge, “Is it future…or is it past?” Annie ended up with the ring, which we know is a bad thing, but it was stolen by a nurse at the hospital. What happened to Annie after that? Did she ever come out of her catatonic state?

It’s odd that since she’s Norma’s sister, there wasn’t any concern shown over her being kidnapped at the Miss Twin Peaks pageant. Norma was one of the judges at the pageant. Later she’s seen in Ed’s living room with a smile before Nadine emerges from her amnesiac state. The Secret History of Twin Peaks also has information on Norma which doesn’t make any mention of her having a sister. Hawk brought up Annie when he found the diary pages, but we have no idea what happened to her.

*Bonus* How Did James Manage To Sing That Way?

Maybe it’s best we never find out.

Episode 9 airs on SHOWTIME Sunday, July 9.

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