First Look: Generations: Phoenix & Jean Grey

Jean Grey is teaming up with…Phoenix?!?

There has been a lot of crazy stories in comics over the years. It’s always interesting to see what the writers come up with next. Marvel has been teasing the upcoming “Generations” comics, but it wasn’t really clear what it meant or how the different eras of characters could interact. It turns out it’s tied to the current Secret Empire storyline. Secret Empire #10 will feature the mysterious “Vanishing Point” Marvel has also teased.

With that, we’ll get to see teenage Jean Grey team up with Phoenix.

Jean has been having visions of the Phoenix Force. She’s willing to do whatever she can to avoid the fate the older Jean went through. When she ends up going through time and meets the newly possessed Phoenix, she might be able to find the answers to saving herself…or realize her fate is sealed.

Click images to enlarge.

The comic arrives in comic shops on August 9.


  • Written by CULLEN BUNN
  • Art by R.B. SILVA
  • Variant Cover by TERRY DODSON
  • Connecting Variant Cover by ALEX ROSS
  • FOC – 07/17/07, On-Sale – 08/09/17

How do you think this interaction will go?

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