Twin Peaks Season 3 Episode 14 Review–What’s Going On?

“We are like the dreamer.”

After this week, there’s only four more episodes. You can feel the story building and ramping up towards the season finale. There’s still no word whether or not there will be another season after this so we’ll see if we get all the answers we’re hoping for.

As for this week’s episode, things get pretty crazy. There’s some fantastic moments and callbacks. As usual, for each development and answer we get, more surprises and questions arise.

There will be spoilers for Twin Peaks Season 3, Episode 14.


More On The Blue Rose Origin


In Buckhorn, South Dakota, Gordon calls the Twin Peaks Sheriff Station to return Sheriff Truman’s call. Frank Truman tells him that Hawk found pages from Laura Palmer’s diary that could indicate there’s two Agent Coopers.

At the same time, Albert tells Tammy about a murder case in 1975. A woman named Lois Duffy was being investigated and was shot in a hotel room. He last words were, “I’m like the Blue Rose.” Then she disappears before their eyes. The other lady in the room that shot her screams. She was also Lois Duffy. That Lois swore she never committed the murder and hung herself while awaiting trial. The agents at the scene were Gordon Cole and Phillip Jeffries.

Laura Dern in a still from Twin Peaks. Photo: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME

Diane arrives, and Gordon asks about the last night she saw Cooper. Did he mention Major Briggs? She doesn’t want to talk about that night but finally admits he did. Gordon informs her they’ve been investigating Briggs’ death in a fire at his government facility 25 years ago. It turns out he actually died a few days ago in Buckhorn. They found the ring with the inscription in his stomach, “To Dougie with love, Janey-E.” Diane is stunned and says her half sister is named Jane. She’s married to a man named Douglas Jones and her nickname is Janey-E. Last she heard, they live in Las Vegas. It turns out they’re estranged, and Diane hates her. She hasn’t talked to her in years. Gordon call the Las Vegas FBI office to find out everything about Douglas Jones. There’s 23 different Douglas Jones in Vegas.

When Diane leaves, Gordon tells Albert and Tammy about the call to Truman. Last night, he had another Monica Bellucci dream. He was in Paris on a case, and Monica called to ask him to meet her at a certain cafe. She needed to talk to him. When they met, Cooper was there, but he couldn’t see his face. Monica brought friends, and they all had coffee. Suddenly, Monica sheds a tear and said the ancient phrase, “We’re like the dreamer who dreams and then lives inside the dream.” Then she said, “But who is the dreamer?” Gordon got a very powerful uneasy feeling. Monica told him to look behind him. He turned and saw himself from long ago in the old Philadelphia office. He sees the day, shown in Fire Walk With Me, that Cooper starts to tell him about a dream and Jeffries appeared. Jeffries pointed to Cooper and says, “Who do you think that is there?” Gordon hadn’t remembered that until now. Albert is beginning to remember that too.

Deputy Jerk Is Arrested


In Twin Peaks, Truman, Hawk, Bobby, and Andy are in the conference room. They arrest Deputy Chad Broxford. They’ve been watching him for months and know he’s up to no good. He’s taken down to a holding cell.

Later, Truman, Hawk, Bobby, and Andy head into the woods. Bobby leads the way. They’re on a road that used to lead to Major Briggs’ station. They arrive at Jackrabbit’s palace, and there’s Electrical scratching in the background. Bobby says he and his father would sit there and make up tall tales. They still have to go 250 yards due east after they put soil in their pockets. As they head toward the final destination, Bobby recalls his father warned him to never wander around there without him.

There’s a cloud of smoke and electrical crackling. A naked woman is lying on he ground. It’s the woman with no eyes Cooper saw before taking Dougie’s life that chatters oddly. According to the credits, her name is Naido. There’s a weird pit of liquid nearby. It’s now 2:53, the time mentioned in Briggs’ message. Leaves start whooshing into a black hole in the air. Andy was holding Naido’s hand and disappears.

Harry Goaz in a still from Twin Peaks. Photo: Courtesy of SHOWTIME

Andy is now in the black and white room (where Cooper was in this season’s first episode).  The Giant sits across from him and says, “I am the Fireman.” Andy suddenly has an object in his hands and smoke forms above his head. He looks up at ceiling and sees the alien thing and the “birth” of BOB, the old convenience store with the woodsmen, the student at the high school who screamed after she Laura Palmer died, a picture of Laura and two angels, the no-eyes lady, Cooper and Mr. C., a phone ringing, Lucy and Andy, Naido again, and the electrical post with the number 6. Then Andy abruptly disappears.


They’re all back before at Jackrabbit’s Palace.  Andy is carrying Naido and says they need to bring her down the mountain. She’s very important, and there are people that want her dead. She’s fine, physically, but they need to put her in a cell where she’ll be safe. They can’t tell anyone about this. Frank asks Hawk what happened to them back there. Hawk doesn’t know and doesn’t remember anything.

At the station, Lucy gives the lady her pajamas that were in her locker. Chad and another guy are locked up down there. The other guy, a drunk, is bleeding from his mouth and mimics everything.

James And The Rubber Glove Man

James Marshall in a still from Twin Peaks. Photo: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME

At the Great Northern, James is a security guard. He’s eating walnuts with another guard at the loading dock. The other guy, Freddie Sykes, has rubber green glove on. He says it’s part of him, and he can’t take it off. When a doctor tried, he started bleeding. He agrees to tell James his story since it’s James’ birthday.

Freddie was living in London. Six months ago he was walking home from a pub alone. He felt he was wasting his life drinking when he should be helping people. He saw a stack of boxes in an alley and jumped up on them . He was sucked up in a vortex and floated in a void. There was a guy there called the Fireman. He told Freddie, “Go the hardware store by your flat. There you’ll find a rack of green rubber gardening gloves. One package will already be opened with just a right-handed glove. Purchase that package and place the glove on your right hand. Your right hand will then possess the power of an enormous pile driver.”

Poof, he’s back in his room. The next morning goes to the hardware store, but the cashier won’t sell it to him because it’s open. After insisting, he put down his money and ran out. The cashier chased and tackled him. He put on the glove and punched the guy is a lot of force. He also remembered being told, “Once you have the glove, go to Twin Peaks in Washington, America, and you will find your destiny. James asks why the Fireman picked him. Freddie did ask, and the Fireman said, “Why not you?” When he bought his ticket over, they told him he already had one.

James goes to check the furnaces before they leave. It’s pretty spooking down there.

Sarah Palmer And The Very Bloody Mary

Grace Zabriskie in a still from Twin Peaks. Photo: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME

Sarah Palmer walks into the Elk’s Point #9 Bar and orders a bloody mary. There’s a guy at the end of the bar drinking alone. He comes up to Sarah and asks if she’s drinking alone. She tells him to mind his own business and asks him to sit back where he was. He starts insulting her. She says she’ll eat him and he scoffs. She turns to him and opens up her face. She asks, “Do you really wants to fuck with this?” She leans forward and bites his neck? Then she starts screaming. She tells the bartender he just fell over. The bartender doesn’t really believe it but there’s no indication Sarah was responsible. She dryly says, “Yeah. Sure is a mystery, huh?”

More Conversations At The Roadhouse

Lissie perform in a still from Twin Peaks. Photo: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME

Two women talking, Megan and Sophie. Sophie asks if she’s seen Billy because she was the last one to see him. Megan says not for a couple days. She and her mom (and maybe her uncle) saw Billy jump over a six-foot fence into their backyard. There was blood gushing out his nose and mouth. He came into their house, turned and looks at them, then ran away. Megan says her mom and Billy had a thing. Her mom’s name is Tina (who is the person Audrey hates).

Other Things We Found Out

  • Diane’s last name is Evans. Janey-E must stand for Evans.

The pieces are starting to come together. It’s great Gordon finally talked to Truman about the pages from Laura’s diary. It is surprising he didn’t ask for more information about what the pages fully said. Truman also didn’t mention getting Cooper’s old hotel key that was mailed to the Great Northern. Perhaps Gordon, Albert, Tammy, and Diane will soon head to Twin Peaks.

Diane was actually helpful, for once. Now that they know who Janey-E is and where she lived, hopefully they’ll find out about the Las Vegas police running Dougie/Cooper’s prints. Will they go to Las Vegas before going to Twin Peaks? There’s not many episodes left! Also, now that Gordon recalled that day in Philadelphia, will we see some version of Jeffries soon?

We finally got to see what was at the coordinates Major Briggs left in his message. It was bizarre that Andy was the one to visit the Fireman. Andy wasn’t mentioned in Briggs’ message. We’ll have to see if he has any recollection of his trip. Why has Naido arrived in Twin Peaks from wherever she was? How did Major Briggs know she’d arrive there at that moment?

Here’s a bonus image, not seen in this week’s episode:

Nae Yuuki in a still from Twin Peaks. Photo: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME

The interesting thing will be what happens in the remaining episodes. There aren’t any plans for another season and the series was originally intended to just be 18 episodes. Will Lynch and Frost wrap everything up in four episodes? What the heck is going on with Sarah Palmer?!? This is why Twin Peaks continues to be such an amazing show. It could be argued or speculated that some of the crazy things don’t actually have meanings. As we see everything come together, it’s easier to believe there is a reason for it all.

We need more Twin Peaks. There’s too much we need to see and find out.

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